Issue 10: China's outdoor sports has entered a period of rapid growth

Issue 10: China's outdoor sports entering a period of rapid growth Date: 2015-08-19 03:16

People's demand for tourism is constantly escalating. Initially, the outdoor products market was mainly for professional outdoor sports enthusiasts. Nowadays, more and more ordinary people are beginning to enjoy this leisure mode, and outdoor sports are playing high-end sports that a few people can afford. Gradually toward the popularization. While outdoor sports are popular, more and more companies are trying to get involved in the industry, exacerbating industry competition, and also prompting many outdoor brands to start re-planning their layouts to find new outlets.

Outdoor sports brand enterprise dynamic

Camel Outdoors Converses to Accelerate Store Layout

Korean outdoor company BLACK YAK will officially enter the European market in autumn 2016-17

Outdoor brand Discovery and Tmall become exclusive strategic partners

CAMKIDS changed its name and extended its product line to adult outdoor market

Local outdoor sports development

In addition to the transformation of outdoor sports brands, local governments have also paid close attention to this market, attempting to develop the outdoor industry through local natural resources to drive the local economic development and improve the living standards of residents.

Guizhou will focus on developing mountain and water outdoor sports

Ganzhou Desert Sports Park has characteristic advantages as a paradise for outdoor travel

Hulunbeier outdoor sports popular outdoor equipment selling

General trend of outdoor sports development

With the emergence and upgrading of the diverse needs of outdoor sports participants, coupled with technological innovations that drive innovation in the outdoor industry, outdoor sports have long been not focused on niche group activities in the professional field, but have evolved into both extreme sports and mass leisure. Dual-character activities. Since the 46th document proposes to upgrade the national fitness program into a national strategy, it means that outdoor sports that belong to the sports industry will also enter a period of rapid growth. Coupled with the recent successful bid to host the Winter Olympics in Beijing, it has brought an opportunity for outdoor sports. Let us pay attention to the development trend of our current outdoor sports!

China's successful Shen Dongao injects vitality into outdoor sports

China's outdoor industry is expected to continue its rapid growth

China's outdoor products industry has shown good development under the promotion of variety shows

China's outdoor supplies trend all the way bullish fashion leisure sought after

Summing up: Looking from now on, the future of our country's outdoor sports will keep telling the increase. What is the result of the growth of outdoor sports? It is understood that the psychological, celebrity, and government support for natural return are the main reasons.

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