About the evaluation user's announcement

1. The evaluation user should complete the report within the specified time, without any reason for delay, will no longer give evaluation opportunities; 2. Any evaluation product that is equipped with cool platform, the evaluation report written by the evaluation user is only released on the equipment cool platform, such as Need to be published on other platforms, must be the first to get a link to a cool platform; 3. to publish on other platforms, you must indicate the source: equipment cool zhuangbeiku.com; 4. All evaluation report photos must contain elements of cool flag equipment 5. The appearance of other outdoor platform elements is forbidden in all evaluation reports. The cool platform will take delete and shield processing on its own. 6. The cool platform will have final interpretation rights and copyrights for all evaluation reports. Product recycling power. Equipped with cool platform, we provide free evaluation products for fans in a fair, just and open manner. All evaluation products are carefully selected by Xiao Bian. Each original content of the author is taken seriously. Please cherish every evaluation opportunity and respect the equipment. Cool platform original copyright.

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