Glass bottle packaging fire safety hidden dangers need attention

Recently, an explosion occurred in Tianjin Port, so that people once again sounded a security alarm. The fire safety hazards of plastic bottle packaging have been elaborated by the author several times. On the contrary, the problem of fire safety in glass bottle manufacturers has not been discussed before, but if you are an industry practitioner, I believe you will feel deeply that the awareness of safety hazards in the fire of glass bottle packaging manufacturers can not be ignored .

First of all, the use of glass boilers in the production of boilers involves many safety issues. One is the use of fire safety, and the other is that the improper operation of the boiler can cause explosions and other life-threatening events. It requires a standardized and safe production operation process. Secondly, bottle-making machines, annealing furnaces and many other processes used in the production of glass bottles will involve the use of fire. They all require great attention from manufacturers and glass bottle operators. They need to establish a sense of fire safety. Finally, although glass bottles are not as flammable as plastic bottles. However, a large number of glass bottles stacked with hollow plates may cause fire hazards due to a series of problems involving ventilation, and require great attention.

For these issues of glass bottle packaging, we still need our relevant manufacturers to establish a sense of safety, the alarm bells ringing.

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