The cultural heritage cannot be destroyed, and support for the recruitment of the second frontal club of Zhafeng Operation Zangfeng Plan

The Outdoor Club for Protecting Ancient Ruins convenes outdoor walking enthusiasts who basically have a reliable walking stick. It is a good helper for us to walk outdoors, but it is our good helper that has become a weapon to destroy ancient ruins. Tungsten-titanium is extremely sharp and its hardness can easily cut through the glass. When we walk over an ancient building like the Great Wall, it provides us with a good grip on the muddy outdoor terrain. Invisible among ancient architectural ruins left irreversible scars.

To refuse to destroy, MBC trekking poles call out to ALICE. When marching on these ancient architectural sites, please use the wand tip to protect civilized sites and save public interest. MBC's second season Zang Feng plan is about to begin. MBC will provide hiking sticks for the alumni of the recruited club.

Equipment Cool is here to call on everyone together with the MBC trekking poles. At ancient civilization sites, we use cane tips to protect ancient civilization sites and start from me. To this end, we started the protection of cultural relics - outdoor club convocation orders. We recruit five outdoor clubs here. Please enlist the club to do the following for this event to become part of the Tibetan Front operation. 1. Guarantee to use the tip of the trekking pole provided by MBC when traveling above ancient buildings. 2. Photographed using a wand tip to protect the site. 3. Take a video. In the video, please call out the name of the club supporting the Zambia plan and the slogan of this event. (The cultural heritage can not be destroyed, support the Tibetan front operation) Registration time is 8.17-8.27 Join the Tibetan Front plan, to contribute to protect the ancient cultural heritage.

How to participate: 1. Please sign up as a club to introduce your club's recent travel plans and ensure that you complete the photo and video feedback. 2. Please reply under this information and report the above information to register.


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