When do children's home textiles hold a strong advantage and let go of the high-profile civilian line?

Many people have become accustomed to the expensive price tag of adult home textiles. However, for the high price trend of children's home textiles, many consumers have shown helplessness and incomprehensibility. The dispute on the uniformity of price and value seems to exist. A reasonable side. For more information, please pay attention to http:// Xianghe Furniture City official website to share

Consumer Voice: When Children's Beddings Put Down a Noble gesture
In a Carrefour supermarket in Beijing, a set of three sets of ordinary children's bedding is priced at 239 yuan, which is equivalent to the price of adult bedding.
A young couple said in front of the children's bedding counter: "The price of infant products is really unbearable for families with ordinary economic conditions. A set of quilts plus pillows and pillowcases will cost at least 300 yuan, and we just bought one for the children. The cost of children’s clothing is nearly one hundred yuan, and the expenses of the children are rising with the increase of family income.” Ms. Wei, who is engaged in sales work in the real estate company, said: “Since the children, the consumption expenditure of the family has suddenly increased, and it is unprecedented. There is an 'advance consumption' in the land, and the monthly income of nearly 3,000 yuan is almost at the end of the month." When asked about the reason why the price of children's bedding is rising all the way, Ms. Wei gives the answer: "The savvy merchants are based on the current The growing number of 'only children' has captured the young family’s desire to become a child, Jackie Chan, and the huge amount of money to create a sleeping environment for children. If you care about your child, we are willing to buy a bed at a high price. Product, but it is doubtful that compared with adult home textiles, children's home textile materials are easy to use and easy to produce.
Many young parents have expressed the same puzzle: Does the price and value of baby products run counter to each other? In fact, not only do low-income families complain about this, but for those with higher incomes, they also think that the current baby products are too expensive and unacceptable. These parents have unanimously issued a common voice: When can expensive children's products be put down in a noble posture?
Dealer reason: high price representation reflects high cost of substance
In view of the current high prices in the infant and toddler industry, whether there is any doubt about the huge profits, Wang Hong, who is responsible for marketing at Beijing Red Kids Company, believes: “In general, the profit rate of baby products is around 30%. Such profit points cannot be said to be Profiteering, as the market competition further intensifies, the baby products business will become more and more difficult. Now the profits of most related products have fallen below 30%. Some small-scale companies simply cannot earn money. It is even on the verge of bankruptcy. To say that earning money, some famous foreign brands do have high profits. The domestic brands do a good job, and the profits of the company are not cheap, but whether it is profiteering or not, can't make a conclusion."
A Beijing-based person in charge of aussie bedding marketing also said: "For children's bedding products, many people may think that children's bedding products use less material, simple design, single style, and the price should be low to meet the market demand. In fact, it is a misunderstanding. The use of children's bedding fabrics also needs to be cut from a large number of whole fabrics, rather than the use of 'foot scraps', especially since the implementation of the new national textile standards, the children's home textile products have been improved. The market entry threshold is very strict in terms of color fastness, formaldehyde content, environmental certification, etc., which inevitably increases the production cost of children's textiles. On the other hand, children's products are market prices, there is no monopolistic behavior, and the price is high or low. Depending on the market, this is understandable."
Expert analysis: children's home textiles still have a lot of room for profit
Experts in the industry believe that children's home textile products will continue to maintain the advantage of being profitable for a long period of time. On the one hand, it depends on the transformation of modern new family concepts, from the “original pursuit” of eating a good sleep to the “high-level need of health and environmental protection”. ". High-value-added children's home textile products with high-tech content will become new market demand; on the other hand, China's children's home textile manufacturers have not yet formed a perfect market competition mechanism, and some manufacturers are still at the stage of low-quality and low-priced. The emergence of the phenomenon of price competition.
It is understood that China's domestic baby products industry is in its infancy, the entire industry lacks leading companies, and in the integration of various market segments, only some companies have begun to rise, brand extension and sub-brand creation are in preparation and trial process. in. Foreign companies entering the Chinese infant and baby products market still use foreign formulas and fail to develop infant and children's home textile products for the physiological and growth characteristics of Chinese children. Therefore, it is difficult to form an independent strong brand.
The industry also believes that children's home textile manufacturers should pay attention to the growth of infants and young children from the perspective of the national and national future. They cannot use the purchasing psychology of consumers, disregard social interests, and only take economic interests to take high on infant products. Pricing, although gaining profits, is a short-sighted behavior. I believe that in the near future, children's bedding products with higher prices will put a noble attitude toward ordinary people, and an economical and practical market for infant and toddler products will be formed.
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