What is the price of color copy paper?

The price of color copy paper cannot be generalized. It should be specifically defined for product quality and specifications. The price of color copy paper with excellent product quality is certainly higher. Similarly, the price of color copy paper with large paper size will be relatively expensive. On the contrary, the price of color copy paper with poor quality or small paper size is relatively high. low.

Consumers have different selection criteria for color copy paper prices. The purchase of color copy paper, its price is a consideration, but the main thing is to choose the quality of the product. Color copy paper is not a general consumer product, but a relatively special purpose product. Therefore, in terms of purchase, quality is the first. So, how can consumers choose to choose high-quality color copy paper?

1. There is a flat paper feeding function. Color copy paper has very precise humidity control during the production process, in order to keep the paper surface flat when using paper, to reduce the occurrence of paper jam. Such color copy paper prices may be higher.

2, the picture is clear when copying, the surface of the paper is smooth, the original color tone is not distorted, so that the copy is close to the original effect. Such color copy paper quality is passed.

3, the paper surface can not stick to each other, reduce double or multi-layer paper feeding, no paper jam problem, can save working time and reduce paper waste, copying is clean and neat, such color copy paper is also a quality requirement .

4, it looks like the paper color is white and bright, the imprint is clear, especially in the double-sided copying, the two sides of the graphic can be integrated into one, not mutual photocopying, and the ink separation performance is good. This is a nice color copy paper.

The price of color copy paper depends entirely on the quality of copy paper, that is, the price is subject to quality. The quality of color copy paper with good quality will be relatively high. The color copy paper purchased at a cheap price cannot exclude the possibility of low price and high quality, but it is absolutely great. For the most part, the probability that the price of color copy paper is proportional to the quality is relatively high.

Silicone Gloves

Silicone Gloves-

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Bump design-anti-slip particles inside the glove.

Hook design-glove are easy to store and drain to avoid bacterial growth.

High temperature resisitance-the glove are heat resistance to 220 degrees and can be sterilized by boiling water.

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