Men's eyebrow tutorial makes you more attractive

Compared with girls, there are very few boys who often have eyebrows. Moderately trimming the shape of the eyebrows not only makes the eyes look more radiant, but also adds a three-dimensional sense of deep face, and the charm immediately rises. Here to bring you men's eyebrows tutorial , I hope you can also become more and more attractive with the tutorial of eyebrows !

Men's Eyebrows tutorial makes you more attractive

Before we trim our eyebrows, let's first understand the main points of the four positions of brow, eyebrow, eyebrow and eyebrow.

Brow: The position of the brow is best to fall 2 to 3 mm inside the eye. If it is too long, it will become a brow, too short and wide.

Meifeng: The position of the eyebrow peak should be on the inner side of the eye, and the angle is slightly equal to 135 degrees. Too small a angle will make the eyebrows look very short, but not natural.

Eyebrows: The eyebrows refer to the eyebrows between the center of the pupil and the eye. It is best to keep the original thickness and not trim.

Brow tail: The end of the eyebrow should be in line with the end of the eye and the corner of the mouth. It is too long to be like Fu Lu Shou Mei. If it is too short, it will make the face bigger.

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