Analysis of the development of constant temperature and humidity test chamber

The constant temperature and humidity test chamber has developed rapidly in recent years and has quickly entered the enterprise, especially in the field of production and testing of mechanical and electrical products. The principle of the inspection and testing of the equipment is simply explained by the specific type of equipment in a certain type of mechatronics, and the specific working humidity of the part material is simulated inside the working space of the equipment. Temperature and type of environment, etc.

The rapid development of constant temperature and humidity test chambers in the equipment manufacturing industry is more obvious. Especially in the field of large-scale equipment manufacturing, it is necessary to ensure that each component meets the accuracy requirements and fatigue life. The required standards, and the level of technology. A large-scale equipment often includes tens of thousands of parts. If the previous inspections are not up to standard, the difficulty and cost of maintenance after assembly will become very high.

The constant temperature and humidity test chamber is used to test the performance of various aspects of products and parts. The purpose is to test whether some parts can withstand the harsh environment, so the equipment is popular in China's mechanical and electrical industry, and the development is also More and more quickly.

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