Fall fitness preferred four sports

Fall fitness should choose aerobic exercise with less movement and greater calorie consumption. Here we recommend four sports for everyone.

[Jogging] When jogging, whole body muscles should be relaxed, breathing should be deep, slow and rhythmical, can be two-step one-call, two-step one-inhale, three-step one-call, three-step one-inhalation. It is advisable to use deep breathing in the abdomen when jogging, when you inhale, and when you breathe, abdomen when you exhale. The pace of jogging should be light and the arms swing naturally. It is advisable to run 20-30 minutes every day. Attention should be paid to using the forefoot to fully exert the elasticity of the arch of the foot in order to facilitate cushioning and reduce the impact on the ground. The back of the leg should be stretched. When the foot is on the ground, it is necessary to take advantage of the cushioning force. Do not be too fierce. Running up like this makes people feel light and flexible, and can also reduce the burden on the foot and avoid pain.
[Climbing] Although mountain climbing can exercise and consume fat, the premise is that it must be the correct climbing posture: the upper body is slightly forward, the arms are naturally swaying, and the entire foot is on the ground, and the pace should be small. In the process of climbing, we must pay attention to more rests. Don't be too hasty. We must add more water to make climbing easier.
【Biking】You can try rhythm practice. When you step on the pedal, try to make it even and smooth. Do not jump on the seat and keep your upper body relaxed. You can also try intensity exercises that can slow down most of your ride, and you can even ride while talking. You can also do interval practice, ride for 5 minutes at a faster rate, then relax for 10 minutes, and then ride faster for 5 minutes. Changing the rhythm and intensity of exercise can make the exercise process interesting and create different intensity stimuli.
[badminton] Friends who like indoor sports can choose this type of fitness. Exercise should be taken to avoid sports injuries. A straight waist can keep the muscles on both sides of the spine tense and provide strong protection for the spine, thus avoiding "blinking waist" when playing badminton. It is advisable to consciously raise the toes up during the warm-up process, or to stand upright, with the front foot to the ground, or the forefoot to the ground. These movements can effectively stretch the Achilles tendon to prevent rupture of the Achilles tendon.

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