Window-style cloakroom for shopaholics with princess dreams

[ Zhonghua Wardrobe ] The open cloakroom is bare and lacks mysterious beauty. The tightness of the closed cloakroom makes it impossible to appreciate its beauty. The woman's cloakroom is not only a magic weapon for storage, but also a beauty of storage space. Why do we always It is found that the shop window is simple and noble, beautiful and elegant. It is precisely because of the layer of glass that people have unlimited pursuit of desire.

Bedroom cloakroom design

The bedroom is large enough to be eager to have the big wardrobe of the TV protagonist. You can design a wardrobe with a boutique window, which can give a space for display and a more orderly storage of clothes.

Cloakroom options in different locations

Window cloakroom

The square bedroom can be used to design a window in the aisle on both sides of the sleeping area;

Overall cloakroom design

The rectangular bedroom should be designed according to the length and width, and the display cabinet should be designed on the side with more space.

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