TIPS relieves stress and relieves skin

Find an outlet for skin pressure - TIPS relieves stress, daily care , and daily resistance to fine water flow.

How big is the pressure on white-collar women? I often encounter similar questions. "I have lived in a high-tempo city for many years. I have a good salary. Others should be in the white-collar class, but they often have insomnia, headaches, depression, and sometimes even want to throw things. Experts explain that this is urban stress disorder. The pressure on the body and mind gradually reflects on the skin of the face, and problems such as slack, sputum, roughness, and depression will appear. So, do we need to find an outlet for skin pressure? The answer is yes.

lTIPS relieves stress:

Fall in love with chocolate and eat stress

Putting a piece of dark chocolate in your office bag can reduce stress in time, because the essence of cocoa can be exciting. Just use the nose to smell, it can relieve tension, and eating chocolate can relieve stress and resist aging.

Lunch beauty, born for decompression

Most women want to find their own little world in their busy schedule, so lunch beauty has become more and more popular. If you are too busy to have a time to do beauty, then you can have a simple massage on your face and eyes at noon, and the skin will be much easier.

Breath like a baby

In general, 7% of the oxygen inhaled into the lungs is directly consumed by the skin. In order to reduce the pressure on the skin, we must learn to breathe the baby - make the body full of oxygen and take away all the long and slow deep breath of all garbage, at least 5 times a day.

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