Verify the authenticity of thermal paper

There are many thermal-type fax machines on the market that use thermal paper. Although thermal paper is cheap, there are still many fake and shoddy products. The characteristics of these products are: greatly shorten the already very short bar code printer printing effect preservation period. This is because the coating of counterfeit and shoddy products is very thin, and it is easily damaged to affect stability. If the storage environment is not good, these products may even cause unreacted thermal paper to react prematurely with surrounding environmental substances and cause failure. Use case. Barcode printer According to the author's experience, if the thermal paper is exaggerated, it means that this is a serious bar code printer. Because the coating materials for thermal paper are not pure white, the white color is achieved by adding too much fluorescent agent. Like some copy papers, these additives react with the heat-sensitive coating of thermal paper. Affecting the stability of the bar code printer, it may also cause the thickness of the heat-sensitive coating to fail to meet the requirements and shorten the shelf life of the printing effect. A good thermal paper surface should look slightly green or dark green. At the same time, the paper should be as smooth as possible, and the consistency of the product coating like the barcode printer and the stability are good.

In addition, when checking, we may use a lighter to heat the back of the paper for a moment to artificially simulate the printing (change in the heat-sensitive coating heat). If the heat of the heat-sensitive paper changes color very evenly, it means that the product is good. If the color is very light, it means that the product quality bar code printer is very general. If the ambient temperature is relatively high and there is no lighter, you can use the nails to draw on the paper, the same as the discoloration effect of scratches can provide reference for your purchase.

As for the preservation time, the paper surface can be scratched with nails. In the case of a relatively strong light and a relatively high temperature barcode printer, the faster the color change, the more unstable it is, and the storage time will not be too long. The thickness of the product cannot be applied.

In short, with the above method, everyone will be able to buy good quality thermal paper.

Top (Xiamen) Electronic Barcode Printer Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of cash register paper, thermal paper, label paper and logistics labels used in supermarket electronic scales. It is also a long-term supplier of many large-scale supermarket chains in China.

Our cash register paper, thermal paper, label paper and logistics labels are printed and produced with advanced environment-friendly public production equipment and environment-friendly water-based inks. Non-toxic and harmless are most suitable for supermarkets. Since our company is based on the dual identity of a professional equipment manufacturer (from the perspective of the protection equipment) and the user (the convenience of use and the economical point of view), we produce the base material of the product. Thermal label paper is best suited for use with electronic scales.

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