Desi's "The Fountain of the Treasures" cosmetics series debut

Didicia 's series of precious springs , intercepting the footsteps of time, moisturizing with abundance of elasticity and whiteness, let you regain the pink memories of the girl. Take advantage of the Shiseido Group's first research results, luxury to add a variety of skin care essence, cope with skin chain damage, inhibit melanin overproduction, improve the accelerated whitening cycle, and create a clear and delicate whitening skin. In terms of appearance, the fountain of precious colors is mainly composed of light pink. At the same time, the natural fragrance based on white jasmine and pink rose is specially set for the use of the people. The delicate blend of floral and fruity fragrance makes people immerse in pink. In the happiness surrounded by color, while using, the soul is also enjoyed.
The series of precious springs still adheres to the brand concept of dicila, which is “simple and luxurious”. It integrates the essence into the essential lotion and lotion of daily skin care. With pure posture and luxurious formula, it pursues pure skin care. Nature. Compared with the complicated procedures, more attention is paid to the texture and pertinence of each product. For those who are eager to live quietly, pass on a leisurely and pleasant feeling.
Abandoning the complexity, simple, purely more interpretation of luxury.
â—‹ Respond to skin chain damage and pay attention to skin needs
In order to restore the skin's original repair function, dicila has developed a new "RE concentrated repair compound" that repairs the chain damage caused by ultraviolet rays and dryness, regulates the texture from the stratum corneum, repairs the damaged basement membrane, and gives the skin a smooth and smooth appearance. A sense of freshness in tension.
#RE集中修复复合成分#: Added scorpion rind extract, red mango stalk extract, European Cyclobalanopsis sinensis extract, Western mint extract, S hyaluronic acid, apricot juice or evening primrose bio-oil Composite composition. Give the skin that lacks elasticity multiple nourishment and feel the firmness of elasticity.
â—‹Inhibit excessive production of melanin and improve accelerated whitening cycle
M- tranexamic acid which inhibits excessive production of melanin is added to a state which is peculiar to skin color. Infused with rich moisturizing ingredients to help rejuvenate the skin, a healthy whitening cycle begins from the stratum corneum.
Shigeotang (China) Investment Co., Ltd. CS Marketing Department Minister Katsuhiko Hideki announced that the dicila series of springs was officially introduced into China in September.
VIP-level customization service
In 2010, dicila came to China and took the lead in introducing a series of rare golds in Japan. Only a few high-end specialty stores were selected. With professional and meticulous service, the celebrity brand in this reputation will be recognized. Communicate to customers.
Subverting the past cosmetics sales concept, from the moment the customer enters the store, the professionally trained service personnel will provide thoughtful and meticulous service. Customers can slowly pick and try one by one, letting their skin personally feel the difference between different models, until the skin chooses the one that is most needed. It is more important to let the skin of the customer feel the fragrance and effect of dicila as compared with the sale of the product. Every customer can feel 100% satisfaction here.

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