Give the face a thorough cleaning

If you only rely on cleansing milk to cleanse your face, you are really too "shameless". If you think about it, do you usually find that there are still some dead spots on the face that are not thoroughly cleaned after cleansing? For example, on both sides of the nose, where the pores are thick and the acne piles up, it is only by hand + cleanser that there is no way to get it. Thoroughly clean. The editor teaches you to use some small tools to clean it!

Give the face a thorough cleaning

Silicone black head cleansing cleaner

No.1: Both sides of the nose

Clean the blackheads and acne on both sides of the nose to use this silicone blackhead cleansing cleaner when cleansing. It only takes one finger to do it. When applying facial cleanser on the face, use a finger to cover the blackhead cleaner, massage on both sides of the nose, and remove the blackheads and acne out a few rounds!

Give the face a thorough cleaning

Cleansing fur brush

No.2: Large pores

MM with large pores, when cleansing, can use a cleansing soft brush to clean the grease trapped in the pores. After wet face with water, squeeze a proper amount of facial cleanser on the brush, and make a cleaning action from inside to outside. Massage for 1-3 minutes to make the facial cleanser evenly open, then rinse with water to clean it!

Give the face a thorough cleaning

Silicone cleansing brush

No.3: Relaxing skin

For those who have a slightly loose skin, you can use a silicone cleansing brush. The small protrusion on the surface of the silicone cleansing brush can massage the skin when it is cleansed with facial cleanser, promote blood circulation of the facial skin and restore skin elasticity. After moisturizing the face, apply the facial cleanser evenly on the face, gently sweep and massage with a silicone cleansing brush, then rinse off.

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