The classic elegance of Huahe wardrobe is like a "noble" family in the bedroom.

[ Chinese wardrobe net ] People rely on clothing, clothes is our most important packaging, then what is the "fit" of clothes? Of course, it is the essential wardrobe in the bedroom. In addition to the practicality of the good wardrobe, it provides comprehensive protection for the clothes, and is also decorative. It is a beautiful scenery in the bedroom. Today, Xiaohe’s embedded six-door wardrobe, which is introduced in a small series, looks classically elegant, like a bedroom. An aristocrat.

Huahe Wardrobe

The initial impression of Huahe's built-in six-door wardrobe is very classical and elegant. The main color is jujube red, the handle on the wardrobe is designed into a retro metal style, and the overall fit of the wardrobe is elegant and generous. In addition to the main six cabinet doors, this built-in wardrobe has four drawers and eight small cabinet doors. Although it is divided into many, it is harmonious and not messy. The size of the closet is relatively large, but because it is a built-in wardrobe, it takes up very little space and is suitable for general bedroom or cloakroom decoration.

Built-in wardrobe

The panels of the wardrobe are made of solid wood and melamine panels. The decorative side and the drawer surface are made of eucalyptus. The eucalyptus has the advantages of clear texture, uniform and fine structure, and strong corrosion resistance, and it is not easy to be deformed and cracked. The solid wood board is coated with varnish, and the environmental protection grade reaches E1 level, which fully protects the health of the family. The board used in combination with solid wood is melamine board. The base material of this board is particle board. The structure of particle board is relatively uniform and the processing performance is good. It is one of the mainstream furniture manufacturing materials. The edge of particle board is rough, easy to absorb moisture, and it is made of solid wood. The side and melamine skin can compensate for the shortcomings of the particle board. The surface of the sheet was scratched with the tip of the key without leaving any traces, and the sheet was well worn.

Bedroom closet

The guide rails of the drawers are made of famous hardware. The Heidi poems are semi-automatic slide rails. The drawers can be easily disassembled. The slide rails are smooth and noise-free and have buffer damping. They prevent pinch injuries when the door is closed. It is especially suitable for families with children. The door hinge adopts the domestic famous brand DTC hinge, which is smooth and durable, and the door hinge also has buffer damping. Users can also change the door hinge to Hettich.

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