American Sports Nutrition Brand: Muscle Technology--The Myth of Global Sports Supplement


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The world's most famous brand muscle technology is definitely the big brand of sports nutrition supplement, its products are everywhere, in any fitness magazine in the United States, every bodybuilding competition, all nutrition stores, muscle technology logo will stand in front of you.

Followers of muscle technology grow at a geometric rate every day. The muscle technology superstar team represents the global bodybuilding glory, and the muscle technology competitors can only work hard every day to fight the runner-up. This is the muscle technology culture.

Muscle star technology team includes Jay Carter, Dirk Costa Jackson and other superstar, Mr. Shinco Olympia Jay Carter is its chief spokesperson, if you're after quality, and economic conditions permitting, muscle technology is yours Primary choice.

Beijing Yingao Kejian Trading Co., Ltd. officially became the sole agent of Muscle Technology China on October 1, 2008 .


Zhang Xiang, general manager of Yingao, and Paul, the founder of Muscle Technology, and CEO Terry

Muscle technology main products

Muscle technology to increase muscle powder, muscle technology, positive nitrogen protein, muscle technology carrier creatine and other muscle technology nutrition .

Muscle Technology Creatine Powder 300g

Domestic price: 150-200

Features: Muscle technology pure creatine powder can promote muscle growth more effectively, increase muscle circumference rapidly, can greatly improve muscle strength, explosiveness and muscle endurance, increase training intensity, increase muscle cell stimulation, take power It can increase the level of strength recovery and accelerate the repair of damaged muscle fibers.

Cell Technology Carrier Creatine 6.6 lbs

Domestic price: 400-450

Features: Helps increase strength, energy, shorten recovery time and improve muscle mass; can quickly supply saturated ultrapure water and high-efficiency creatine to your muscle cells; quickly promote muscle growth; nano-molecular dispersion technology enables cell technology creatine Quickly absorbed by the body.

How to use: Use during the impact period (5 days before the start of use), use the re-crossing cell technology carrier creatine every day, wake up once in the morning, use it again after training, use on the non-training day, wake up in the morning Once, use again after 12 hours; maintain the period of use, use the cell carrier creatine once immediately after training, and use the cell technology carrier creatine immediately after getting up in the morning on non-training days. Mix one spoon each time with 350ML of cold water.

Contrained population: under 18 years of age, myocardial infarction, heart disease; women in pregnancy or lactation

Muscle Technology 6 Advantages: All products are certified by the US FDA; all advertisements are certified by authoritative organizations; all raw materials are strictly tested; all finished products have production batch numbers for inquiries; 31 items Certified patented technology and 100 patented technologies under application; tens of millions of R&D budgets per year, and research and development results in cooperation with universities.

Peripheral muscle gain 5 lbs

Domestic price: 350-400


Features: The world's strongest muscle-enhancing formula, extremely shocking muscle growth, directly stimulates muscle growth in the chest and arms, clinically proven that anabolic complexes can produce high-quality muscles, explosive power growth.

Breakthrough: Muscle Technology has developed a new high-efficiency protein formula that is the first nitrogen delivery technology product that specifically promotes the penetration of amino acids into muscles and increases muscle mass and strength.

Nitrogen delivery technology: 97% filtered whey protein, increase protein total and nitrogen retention, increase insulin sensitivity, increase muscle and strength .

Role: Carbohydrates with sufficient protein matrix (multiple protein blends) and elevated energy levels, no health in fatty acids can help you grow muscles, and a large number of nutrients in the technology-enhancing muscle powder for those who want to grow muscle and Bodybuilders and athletes who increase their strength and don't want to grow fat are very lazy!

Each of the technology-enhanced muscle powders contains 45 grams of high-quality protein, contains 150 grams of carbohydrates, and contains 5 grams of dietary fiber, which can help you repair stimulated muscle fibers during training, improve muscle circumference and strength. The most important thing is, if you use it twice a day with low-fat milk, the technology-enhanced muscle powder will give you 2000 calories to help you grow the rock's generally hard muscles. Some additional ingredients, muscle technology's patented muscle building components, can help you grow your muscles quickly. There are no other muscle-enhancing formulas on the market that rival muscle technology.

How to use: Training day: 2 or 3 times a day, 2 scoops each time, can be used 45 minutes before training, after training or before going to bed, this time period can be selected 1 or 2 times. Non-training days: 1 to 2 times a day, 1 to 2 spoons each time, can be used between meals or before meals and before bedtime.

Protein powder 5 lbs

Domestic price: 350-400


How to take: 2-3 times a day, 1-2 spoons each time, take it once after training, take it between meals or before going to bed, shake it with cold water or milk and take it.

Features: Muscle & Whey Protein Powder contains 23 grams of high bioactive protein particles per serving, free of any artificial colors, artificial flavors and sweeteners. Its high content of branched-chain amino acids and glutamine can stimulate insulin growth factors, produce proteins that help regulate endocrine, supplement the body's essential proteins, enhance immunity, and provide accurate anabolic amino acid fuels for the body to help muscle growth.

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