Double wedge keys for printing presses

Patent name: double wedge key for printing presses Patent Application No. 7 Publication No.: 2649326
Application Date 2003.09.29 Publication Date: 2004.10.20
I. Applicant: Shanghai Goss Printing Equipment Co., Ltd. This utility model relates to a double wedge chain for a printing machine in a printing machine industry. A double wedge key for a printing machine includes a main key screw, a main key, a drum shaft and a helical gear, and a helical gear is set on the drum. Outside the shaft, the primary key screw fixes the primary key to the drum shaft and fits into the groove of the helical gear. The assembly also includes the secondary key screws, screws, fine adjustment screws and secondary keys. The horizontal gear holes on the helical gear communicate with the grooves. The secondary chain screw passes through the horizontal hole to vertically contact the primary key screw with the primary key screw through the lower end of the helical gear and the lower end face of the secondary key: the fine adjustment screw passes through the lower end of the helical gear and the vertical through hole and the secondary key of the secondary key The upper end face is in vertical contact; the contact surface of the sub key and the primary key is an incline. Tests have proved that the double wedge-shaped key as the primary key and the secondary key of the present invention not only make the backlash smaller, improve the transmission precision, ensure the printing quality, but also can easily perform the correction of the trace overlay deviation.

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