Explore six elements that affect the transfer of ink on the anilox roller

Cell shape

During the development of the anilox roller, many cell shapes have been used, such as hexagonal, quadrangular, grooved, oblique, and circular. The 45-degree dot-shaped mesh hole has a larger mesh wall area than the hexagonal and quadrangular shapes, which is unfavorable for the transmission of ink. Therefore, the shape of the metal anilox roll is four-cornered, the angle of the mesh line is 45°, and the ceramic mesh is The shape of the cell of the roll is hexagonal and the angle of the wire is 60°.

Among the above eight elements, except for the sixth point that has nothing to do with the processing factors, the number of anilox roller lines, network line angles, and cell sites in the remaining seven points are constant, and the ratio of opening to wall, cell volume, and cell depth is constant. And the surface finish of the cell surface is not uniform among the processing units. Therefore, the ceramic anilox roller with the same number of lines will have an inconsistent amount of ink transferred, and the anilox roller with different number of lines may have the same amount of ink transferred. For example, the printing halftone pattern requires a BCM of 3.5 and an anilox roller number of 400 to 700 lines per inch.

To sum up, in order to maximize the role of anilox roller, all units should do the following.

(1) Grasp the principle, role, and BCM of the anilox roller.

(2) For the current situation where the number of anilox roller lines and BCM has not been unified yet, and the status of a line number of anilox roller BCM is relatively large, the BCM should be used as the basis for adjusting the ink volume instead of adjusting the number of screen lines as the adjustment. The basis of ink volume.

(3) In practical applications, it is necessary to rationally select and be good at adjusting BCM, and strengthen communication so as to make the transmission of ink more reasonable.

(4) It is hoped that in the future, a kind of network cable can be applied to a BCM. The change of the network cable and the amount of ink will also change, so as to lay a solid foundation for better use and selection of the anilox roller.

Source: 21st Century Fine Chemicals Network

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