Carton flexographic plate features and procurement (2)

The processing method of the rubber plate: The more traditional method is manual engraving, according to the sample output mirror image output, and then reprinted on the rubber plate, manually use the knife to cut according to the text, the outline of the pattern, leaving the desired text, pattern, and then The upper layer of blank double rubber was torn off to make a printing plate. However, the processing efficiency and precision are very low. Nowadays, the laser engraving machine is used for processing. The efficiency and precision of the processing are not only improved, but also the ability to sculpt slopes and fine dot engraving, which has also played a role in promoting the application of rubber plates.

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The price of the rubber plate is relatively low, and it can also meet the requirements for the color and precision of the general corrugated box printing. In particular, printing simple text and lines has the advantage of cost, so the proportion used in many small carton factories is generally It reaches 60%-80%. The current domestic application is very large. Many large-scale carton factories also use rubber plates for carton printing, depending on the product. The demand is about 2 million square meters per year, but it has been completely eliminated in foreign countries such as Europe.

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Flexible resin plate

Normal > The flexible resin plate is a flexible printing relief plate composed of three parts: a flexographic photosensitive resin layer, a dimensionally stable base substrate, and a protective film covered thereon and removable. The flexo version can reproduce 2%-95% of dots and fine lines of masculine and shaded lines—you can get clean and clear fonts to prevent the accumulation of printed deformed dry ink and paper.

Normal > High-quality flexible resin plate material: Excellent ink transfer ability, especially for ink and ink; Wide exposal to the pan and deep graphic depth, Full line and halftone effect Capability; Good anti-static properties; High print, long life. Hardness is generally between 32-38, network cable, fine mesh.

Normal > Flexo is available in a wide range of sizes and thicknesses to accommodate a wide range of inks, solvents, and printing conditions. A stable base resin sheet will ensure the accuracy of print registration. A flexible resin plate for corrugated box printing, a DRC plate by DuPont, a nyloflex model FAC-X plate by BASF, and a product of Kyoei Co. and Asahi Kasei Corporation.

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Flexible resin plate specifications and related indicators:

Normal align=left> Plate Type

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Normal align=left> FAC-X

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Normal align=left> Hardness

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Normal align=left> 36

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