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The ultimate realization of a new packaging concept takes a long time. A package from the design to the final consideration of maturity and put into production, always experience a lot of twists and turns. And Atlanta’s AdProps can be the most valuable partner for many businesses because it overcomes the troubles of this twisted period in customer service.

“The packaging model produced by AdProps is just as if it were taken directly from the store shelves. When it is presented to customers, it is basically impeccable and no longer needs to be made like “What is this color like” or “That "What is the material?" and the like, customers don't need to worry about packaging. Once the design is formed, it can be put on the market."

AdProps offers a service called “Crystal Ball Mapping”: the actual production of the packaging printing process maintains a high degree of transparency for both the design company and the manufacturer.

Use this Pin Frog to learn and master the Japanese art of Ikebana. It is ideal for pinning or anchoring flowers for floral displays. You can make use of a variety of colorful stems, flowers and branches to create large and visually exciting arrangements.

Our Silver Round Floral Pin Frog is the perfect starting point for creating floral arrangements! 

Kenzans are a staple for every florist! This flower frog adds weight to the bottom of your centerpiece, holding the stems in place, while still allowing the flowers to absorb the water and nutrients they require. Simply place on the bottom of your container and gently press the base of the stems into the pins. Voila! 

Pin Frogs

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