Printing ink sticks caused by work mistakes and exclusion

A company used to print a batch of colored beer packaging boxes for customers, using seven-color printing, and a large area. Use the CP2000 controlled four-color offset press to complete the printing in two passes. After printing the four-color figure, use the full version of Magenta Five-Piece Flat Screen (Magenta flat screen and highlights characters, landscape magenta made in a version, prepared for the back-end special red primer) buckle first printing During the process, the ink bars appeared and they were dark and shallow and they could not be sampled and produced.

The specific performance is as follows: 1 The darkness of the ink bars is different, parallel to the axial arrangement; 2 sets of color-coded rectangular lines are not ideal for overprinting, and the error is more than 10 lines.

We first turned off the black, green, and yellow colors on the CP2000 touch screen (uncompressed), left a magenta group, and didn't put water on it. We used a monochrome version of the full-scale version (for savings, we can take 6 sheets of paper). Monochrome full version Magenta is very flat on the ground, so troubleshoot the ink path.

Check the waterway carefully, disassemble the water metering roller, check the pressure (indentation) between all the rollers of the waterway, and clean and lubricate the lubrication points of the transmission parts of the waterway. Mounted on the water metering roller, re-paper test, failure still exists.

The author used a magnifying glass to observe the printed samples and found darker dark bars at the outlets and paste them. It was inferred from the experience that they exceeded the normal situation. So put the skeptical gaze on the printing pressure. The flight crew reloaded more than 10 sheets and stood between the crews to listen to the sound of the paper passing through the color group. At the same time, he touched the water metering roller adjustment handle with his fingers and waited for the paper to go to the magenta combination pressure. The anomalous sounds of the "squeaky" and the "squeaky" are clearly identifiable; at the same time, the handle of the sink metering roller is also slightly trembling A decisive stoppage to turn on the squeegee lining, the root cause of the problem is clear: on the last shift, an apprentice mistakenly used two "30 silk" liners (60 filaments) as two linings for "20 silk" liners. Beyond the normal value (40 filaments), resulting in failure.

We hope that when you and your peers take a novice, they will take care of it. At the same time, if you use troubleshooting techniques such as "look," "smell," "ask," and "cut," you can easily solve the problem.

Reprinted from "Printing Technology"

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