Digital Technology and Security Printing

Security Printing has always been part of the ticket printing industry, and it is a product item with high added value, including banknotes, identity cards, passports, visas, stocks, various kinds of tickets and certificates, anti-counterfeiting labels, and tapes. Cards, RFID, confidential documents, etc.; and how anti-counterfeiting technology is applied to these products and documents to produce true and false labels, and many of these labels are formed using the printing technology process. We also call similar services. Security printing.

As for the operation of the industry, high value-added products, valuable tickets, and key documents all need proper protection. Otherwise, they will be easily counterfeited and forged to cause losses or disputes. It is understood that the 2003 global counterfeit products The output value is estimated to be more than US$650 billion, accounting for about 5% to 6% of the world's total trade volume. This may not have been included in the losses caused by counterfeit documents and documents. We can see how important the application of anti-counterfeiting technology is to people's livelihood and industry. To this end, it has developed various anti-counterfeit technologies, including seven categories of anti-counterfeiting technologies: physical, chemical, biological, material, computer and network, printing, and packaging. For different anti-counterfeiting technologies, it can be applied to various fields. Such as food and medical industry, wine industry, pharmaceutical industry, 3C industry, automobile industry, textile industry, antique industry and financial industry and other industries.

Security anti-counterfeit printing must first pay attention to the requirements of the security environment, followed by the use of anti-counterfeiting technology. This of course includes hardware facilities (monitoring equipment), software environment (production process control) and personnel safety control, for a qualified safety Anti-counterfeiting factories sometimes need some international certification to obtain customer's approval, such as Visa, Master, JCB, AE and other international credit card certification, SAS certification for mobile phone SIM cards and information security management that has been increasingly valued recently. BS7799 certification; For those who want to obtain the calling qualification of the designated factory of the relevant business, of course, they must first obtain the national secret carrier license for the printing and reproduction of the state secret carrier. Of course, there is a standard operating procedure for the safe environment of the factory.

The current security and anti-counterfeiting market (Figure 3) is mainly concentrated on the labels for valued tickets, cards and anti-counterfeiting. These three parts are basically directly related to the printing of tickets. This is a note industry should pay attention to. To the problem. On the other hand, the bill industry is actually a document management business. Many companies, in addition to printing tickets, have successively invested in data processing services to provide integrated services to customers; in the digital environment, the industry is not only considering When it comes to the quality of products and customer service, it is necessary to pay more attention to the information security related to the work process.

In fact, digital technology and security anti-counterfeit printing are inextricably linked. Using digital anti-counterfeiting technology, we can expand more opportunities for digital business service models and markets. These services are related to document management and related to security-related anti-counterfeit-related services. , we summarize several items for your reference:

Pre-press anti-counterfeiting technology

The security shading anti-counterfeit elements are used more often than not. The security shading system design is a solid line. Since there are no dots, the pattern will be printed after scanning and dots will appear. Using the naked eye, you can distinguish the real prints. Difference from fake print. These purposes are to prevent the files from being scanned and to prevent the files from being copied improperly. Among them, preventing documents from being scanned includes preventing the scanning of general scanners and scanning of high-end line scanners. Preventing copying includes preventing generic applications from copying into similar effects; or preventing the same software from copying into similar effects.

Digital watermark anti-counterfeiting technology

Digital watermarking is a method used to protect digital media's intellectual property rights. It hides information about intellectual property rights such as the original author, owner, publishing office, and contact address of the company on digital media products; Security and toughness features that protect digital media assets.
Watermarking technology is used in digital media applications, including digitized images (such as JPEG), digital sounds (such as MP3), or digital video (such as DVD). Which can be divided into visible digital watermarks, and invisible digital watermark two kinds.

Digital authentication and encryption and decryption technology

The purpose of using digital certification is to ensure that there are no face-to-face coordinating transactions between the parties and that they have the identity of the identity of the transaction subject, so that the transaction or data transfer is undeniable. Digital authentication and encryption/decryption technology is a combination of Encryption/Decryption technology, PrivateKey/PubicKey algorithm, and DigitalSignatures technology. Data security access and application.

Security number

This part of the application includes general bar code, 2D bar code, MICR, OCR and other applications, as well as a management mechanism for designing, manufacturing, and tracking the entire product or process.

Document Print Management Mechanism

This part of the anti-counterfeiting, HPIndigo can be said to be a leader; it contains the following advanced document printing management mechanism. The purpose is to control the printing of documents, to avoid improper copying and use of documents, and to do a good job of managing all documents.

(I) Confidential and Secure Print Management Solutions

(B) Barcode Printing Solution Barcode

(III) Check Printing and Financial Accounting Application Solution MICR

(D) Anti-counterfeit printing SafePaper, TrustCopy

(V) Control Printing Solutions

(6) Secure Document Printing Function SecureJet

(7) JetSaver, a resource refinement program

(8) Print Payment Management System JetPaymentManager

Online document security control mechanism

This is a kind of company internal document security control policy, which includes the application of identity authentication mechanism and file protection management measures; it is supplemented by dynamic policy mapping technology (DynamicPolicyMapping), which classifies the confidentiality policy of different grades of documents to facilitate the Document tracking and control.

Digital Rights Management (DRM) and Digital Asset Management (DAM)

First of all, we know that there are two ways to protect copyright: negative and positive protection. Positive protection is encryption, so no KEY (incorrect user) will not be able to read and use. This is a standard positive protection. What is negative protection? (This part is a bit like a digital watermark.) This is when the digital asset is uploaded, the digital content is added to the publisher’s signature. This signature will prove the source and ownership of the content; With the electronic signature method, signatures produced using PKI encryption technology have absolute legal effect.

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)

Radio frequency identification (RFID), also known as electronic tag (E-Tag), is a technology that uses radio frequency signals to automatically identify target objects and obtain related information. The basic RFID system consists of an RFID tag, an RFID reader, and application software.

Second, the RFID tag consists of a chip and an antenna (Antenna). Attach this tag to the object to identify and track the target as an object.

Because such tags can carry and read and track product-related messages, the protection of individual users' privacy rights is a major application challenge.

Currently, RFID has a wide range of product applications, such as factory automation, cargo transportation, access control, fleet management, waste tracking, anti-theft, medical management, retail distribution, air baggage, library management, medical management, apparel management, and animal husbandry ( Pet) tracking and more.

As for how to apply RFID's unique identification features to document management, ticket security, or anti-counterfeiting of other products, it is worth the consideration of the ticket printing industry.

in conclusion

In summary, a successful ticket printer, in addition to maintaining the original bill printing process to create differences in the processing technology and processes to increase the added value, but also to maintain a high degree of crisis awareness in the business environment to understand The application and development trend of digital technology to achieve the company's advantages; so the bill printers need more innovation strategies in order to extend their life in the recessionary market. My suggestions for digital impacts are as follows;

First, build digital services, business paper printing

Second, make good use of digital technology to increase the productivity of competition

Third, integrate digital resources and generate new business models

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