Wireless glue book binding process

In recent years, with the change of book binding technology, more and more books have adopted wireless glue binding technology, the wireless flat glue binding process has been simplified, the quality is relatively stable, the cycle is short, the labor intensity of workers is low, and the bookbinding is beautiful in appearance. . However, at present, there are not many manufacturers that form a complete, systematic, and standardized process in the production of adhesive books and adhesives. The various binding problems caused by this problem have caused great inconvenience to readers. The main problems are page breaks, broken glues, skewed backs, empty backs, and shrinking pages. How to use the correct process to effectively control the above-mentioned quality problems requires a systematic consideration of the entire process from prepress, printing to postpress.

Stapling is not an isolated processing procedure. Many unreasonable ones in the previous process will bring difficulties to the binding. Therefore, from the beginning of product design, it is necessary to advance the process forward with binding requirements.

1.32 booklet with double book binding 32 booklet with double book, previously used in the wire binding is generally used 4mm in the first day of the day, 6mm in the middle seam, and 2mm in the foot, in the case of trimming on three sides, the use of double Push the book cart to complete the separate cutting of the top and bottom. In the adhesive bonding production process, using the above operations, it will produce a lot of days, breaking the ground.
This is mainly due to the hot-melt adhesive curing, the overall hardness is much greater than the previous hot pack books, in the process can only take the method of sawing the knife, the first double glue adhesive book divided into two before Cutting, and saw blade thickness, usually about 3mm, if you still use the size of the previous incision, it is obviously difficult to achieve the cutting requirements, if you add the size of the middle seam to 9mm, lithographic products due to the edge and mouth Occupied by the size, the printed product is incomplete. According to the actual situation, the size of the middle seam can be set to 8mm, which not only ensures the integrity of the printed product during printing, but also guarantees the quality of the bound and cut.

2. Milling back thickness design In order to ensure that the signature can be fully milled at the milling cutter, the thickness of the general milling back is 2—2.5mm, the thicker books can reach 25mm, and the thickness of the coated backsheet is generally 0 6— 1.2mm. The average back-to-back thickness is 2.5mm, the average thickness of the coating is 0.9mm, and the size of the normal outside cut is 3mm. For example, the outer cut after milling is only 1.4mm. If a normal folding tolerance is produced, the outer cut may be There will be a phenomenon of shrinking pages; if only the folding size is enlarged, there will be a serious shift in the layout, the phenomenon of overprinting of the edition center and the linked page exceeds the standard, and the reading will be greatly inconvenienced, which will also seriously affect the aesthetics of the book binding. If you want to pre-add 1.5mm milling mouth at the milling back when you make an imposition, this will ensure the cutting size requirements, eliminate the shrinking phenomenon, and will not affect the aesthetics of the book.

3. Some people think that there is no order for adhesive books, so the final version of the finished book is not centered on the layout. This problem is especially noticeable in practical work, especially in books with title pages. This is mainly due to the fact that it is not possible for adhesive-bonded books to bind books like a sewing thread. They can open the book pages to the back of the book, because the depth of draw grooves for paper-adhesive books is generally 1.0 to 1.2 mm. The author concludes in practice that when the mouth is set to about 3mm, the center of mind is exactly centered, which is basically in line with the dimensions of the milling back and the groove.

4. The book is not centered on the back of the book The glued book is not a centered word. It is a very headache problem. This is a prominent problem that arises from the process of hand-bag to mechanized package development. In the past, many single- and double-color offset printers used to print the covers. Due to overprinting problems, the machines attached great importance to the front gauges and pull gauges. Nowadays, due to the continuous transformation of equipment, the market pursues a short cycle, and the requirements for cover matching are fast, so most of them are printed on a four-color machine. Since there is no problem with overprinting, this largely ignores the problem of rules, making Book backs are prone to skew when mechanically sealed in bindings. For this reason, we have adopted a black Δ before and after 3mm of the outer reticle at the time of imposition of the tensile gauge surface. The black Δ is 3mm so that the printed product can see the accuracy of the front gauge and the pull gauge at a glance. Has also achieved very good results.

5. The trapezoidal inspection of glue books reduces the search for trapezoidal processes in the old craftsmanship because of one forming and cutting. This can result in the misprints of individual books due to the oversight of the pagers, resulting in major quality stories. As for the trapezoid on the back of the book block book, it is impossible to perform interstitial inspection. In this regard, we have adopted the sky-headed and trapezoidal marking method. The size of the trapezoidal trapezoid is set to 3mm (width) x 4mm (length), and a hair is established. This inspector checks the trapezoidal trapezoids during the production process, and uses the page search method to add pages when manually adding pages. This can basically eliminate the situation of the wrong posts.

6. Post-press bundling of signatures To achieve a more consistent quality of paperback glued books, binding must be done before binding. This can not only make the book beautiful appearance, back to the book, eliminate the phenomenon of large books back, but also can reduce the probability of misprints, change the site environment, improve the efficiency of the use of the machine, can greatly improve the bookbinding quality. In paperback glued products, the twisting of the signatures is a very important link.

Reprinted from: Ke Yin Network

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