Slater launches new corrosion-resistant filling and capping machine

Slacker company introduced three new products, namely multi-stream filling nozzles, unique TCS capping machine and FCS + filling control system. At the same time, Slark also brought the investigation results of ESL and aseptic packaging, and the survey determined that packaging innovation is increasing consumer acceptance.

The new filling and capping machine introduced by Slark at this exhibition is suitable for packaging long-term corrosive products. New equipment cans are made of titanium or HDPE materials, while circuits and shields are made of titanium. At the same time, due to the bellows protection of the cap shaft of this filling capper, it can withstand overpressure.

In general, the outer protective cover of the machine is made of PP material; and when packaging similar products like bleach, the machine life of the stainless steel structure will not exceed 10 years. In contrast, equipment made from a combination of titanium and plastic can continue to operate in a highly corrosive or similar environment for 20 years.

Reprinted from: Packaging Machinery

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