Practical two-door white wardrobe storage makes the bedroom light and breathable

[ Chinese wardrobe net ] The bedroom in the house is relatively small, can not put down the large wardrobe , the slender wardrobe is very suitable, the style is not complicated, simple, just like color, the color is still more like white.

[White double door wardrobe]

White double door wardrobe

Brand : Taotao love wood

Price : 2097 yuan

Product Comments : This white double-door wardrobe is elegant and elegant, with rounded corners to show the feminine temperament. The material is a selection of premium birch, which is more delicate, making the wardrobe structure more solid and durable.

[Solid wood double door wardrobe]

Pastoral wardrobe design

Brand : Shenzhen European Furniture City

Price : 2390 yuan

Product Comments : The smooth curves and meticulous carvings on the top and bottom of the cabinet are a major feature of this wardrobe, but also highlight the elegance and romance. The uniquely shaped columns also create a unique atmosphere of grandeur and luxury. The drawer at the bottom of the atmosphere can also hold more things.

[Country style double door wardrobe]

Solid wood wardrobe

Brand : Colorful life

Price : 7998 yuan

Product Comments : White double door wardrobe made of pure oak, the texture is real and natural, the material is tough and durable. The door handles are made of high-quality "DTC" hardware, which is simple and beautiful. The pillars at the bottom of the wardrobe are decorated with gourd-shaped, which breaks the traditional straight line and helps you to easily store clothes.

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