Wardrobe decoration is very important to explain the interior design of adult and children's wardrobe

[ Chinese wardrobe net ] Wardrobe is a very important part of the decoration now, occupying a large part of the renovation cost. A set of houses is decorated, and the cost of 10,000 yuan is inevitable. The wardrobes are basically in the bedroom, but different bedrooms need to use different wardrobe interiors, you know?

1. Main points of interior design of children's wardrobe

Children generally grow very fast, and the children's wardrobes are designed to be multi-functional and practical. The interior design of the wardrobe should not be designed with accessories such as drawers that can be pulled out to avoid collisions.

Children's wardrobe design:

Wardrobe design

Children's wardrobe design renderings:

Wardrobe design renderings

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