More than 120 companies from China and Japan participated in the International Gifts and Home Furnishing Exhibition in Shanghai. More than 120 companies from China and Japan participated in the exhibition.

The 2nd Shanghai International Living and Home Decoration Exhibition

The "Second Shanghai International Living Goods and Home Decorations Exhibition" held here recently attracted more than 120 companies from China and Japan to participate in the exhibition. The exhibition area of ​​6,000 square meters has expanded by 20% compared with the previous one.

According to statistics from the exhibition organizer, Benedict (Shanghai) Exhibition Co., Ltd., not only Japanese companies hope to enter the Chinese market through the Shanghai exhibition, but many Chinese companies are also optimistic about the Japanese market that will host the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. For example, the “78th Tokyo International Gift Show”, which will be held in early September this year, has more than 250 Chinese companies confirmed to participate in the exhibition, accounting for nearly half of the total number of overseas exhibitors at this exhibition.

It is understood that the "Second Shanghai International Living and Home Decoration Exhibition" focuses on the latest concepts of Japanese companies in the field of beauty, hairdressing and health, as well as cultural and creative gifts and daily household items. The theme of the exhibition is “Nature Lifestyles for the Future”, reflecting the desire of Japanese companies to expand the Chinese market for a long time.

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