Grassroots MM favorite high quality lotion

Who said that there must be no good goods at a cheap price? In fact, cheap and easy to use, at some point, is not completely opposite. For example, the following 4 nourishing lotions, cheap and easy to use, is the high quality lotion that grassroots MM loves ~

Grassroots MM favorite high quality lotion

Olay deep moisturizing whitening nutrient water

Price: 75 yuan / 150ML

Recommended reason: special emulsion water quality formula, combined with lotion whitening essence (including mulberry extract, vitamin B3 and vitamin P) and plant moisturizing nourishing ingredients (including coix seed, aloe and cucumber extract), deep moisturizing effect, help skin It glows with white radiance, nourishes and moisturizes the skin, and has a remarkable whitening effect.

芮 芮 ZA Ying Run Revitalizing Nourishing Lotion

Price: 98 yuan / 125ml

Recommended reason: for rough skin, dull skin and other issues. Helps improve skin's function and increase vitamin vitality. The active vitamin complex enhances the activity of cells inside the skin. Leaves skin with a smooth, translucent texture It completely moisturizes the skin, softens the cuticle of the skin, makes the skin full and full, effectively prevents dryness and smoothes fine lines. It stimulates the vitality of skin cells, moisturizes the skin, makes skin perfect, and glows brightly.

GARNIER Moisturizing All Weather Moisturizing Toner

Price: 45 yuan / 150ML

Recommended reason: Garnier moisturizing all-weather moisturizing toner contains apple LEX? Natural active liquid essence, rich in various minerals and vitamin E, vitamin C, immediately add a lot of water to the skin and lock the moisture; Protects skin from pollution. Brings the skin to the dreamy hydration and health, keeps it soft and smooth, brighter, and truly healthy, so you can face the urban pollution and be more healthy and confident!

NIVEA Gentle Toner

Price: 50 yuan / 200ml

Recommended reason: Containing deep sea mineral essence can effectively remove residual dirt and make-up, soothe the skin while replenishing moisture, mild and non-irritating, also suitable for sensitive skin. Provitamin B5 adds smoothness and hydration to your skin. Formulated with no alcohol, it is mild and non-irritating, suitable for all skin types.

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