Year of the Rabbit Peach Blossom: Will you encounter an elegant peach blossom in 2011?

1. View and clean windows and doors.

Feng Shui is actually a kind of gas field. An angry, door and window are angry mouths, which will have a very important impact on the quality of life of the owner. If the door is filled with debris and garbage, it will lead to poor air traffic and bring you many adverse effects. Therefore, the debris and garbage outside the door must be cleaned up. The window can absorb sunlight and air. If it is in an environment with insufficient light for a long time, the airflow is not smooth or the airflow is too smooth, it is easy to get sick or mental fatigue, and the psychological depression is distorted. There are not many doors in the house, and the window should not be too large, otherwise it will lead to leakage of internal gas and weak wealth. The window can be filled with blinds to make up for it, and the door can be screened at the entrance. The entrance is the only way to enter the living room from the outside. It has the function of beautifying the living room and regulating the feng shui. It can attract peach blossoms into the room and make money. Therefore, the porch should be kept clean and tidy. If too many sundries are piled around, it will not only defeat the money, but also negatively affect the homeowner's love.

2. The bedroom must be gathered.

Studies have shown that there is a gas field on the human body surface, which is formed by the continuous flow of energy generated by the human body itself. When the person is resting and sleeping, the position of the bed is properly placed, and the body's gas field coincides with the Earth's magnetic field. Therefore, the bed must be placed in the most appropriate place. Therefore, the bed should be based on its own eight characters, which should be chosen to help adjust the direction of love, which is the key. In addition, the bed should not be facing the door. It should not be placed under the beam. Do not hang the lamp or ceiling fan on the bed. The mirror should not be placed on the bed. The door of the bathroom should not be punched. The bed should not be empty.

3. At the entrance of the entrance, put a natural crystal ball, crystal is best for promoting the temperature of love to enhance love.

4. Place a pot of flowers and plants on the bedside table beside the bed. The plant type should look good. Keep it fresh. If there is a dragon wind or a symbol of love on the vase, the effect is even greater.

5. The bed is double bed, and it is best to use a double pillow, a bed cover and a double pillow.

6. Place two red candles in the southwest and northeast of the bedroom, use a wooden wax table, and use a red lampshade. These small techniques are simple and easy, don't you want to give it a try?

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