Films that protect bright and delicate surfaces

NOVACEL is the world leader in industrial surface protection solutions. The new product that the company recently introduced to the market, the NOVACEL 9390 film, is a high-grade film for protecting bright and delicate surfaces, especially for the protection of PET plastic films or PVC decorative films used in the household appliances market. Metal surface. It can also be used to protect the surface of thermoformed bright decorative materials used in the three-dimensional molding market (furniture market). NOVACEL 9390 film is a high-grade film that is colorless and transparent, and has automatic adhesive properties without the use of solvents. NOVACEL 9390 film is characterized by high brightness, good transparency, can better bring out the need to protect the surface, to avoid the defects when setting the protective film, in particular, will not produce micro-bubbles.

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