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In today’s socio-economic wave, the circulation of goods is rapid and the elimination rate is extremely fast. If products are to succeed in marketing, relying solely on the product’s own excellence is not enough. As a traditional product, it is clever in packaging design. The use of traditional art, combined with modern science and technology, incorporates the forms of expression of modern design, so that the use of traditional art has gained a new sublimation, so that commodity packaging has a strong sense of the times and the sense of nationality, full of personality characteristics of the brand, The circulation and sales of commodities have a positive effect.

Keywords: Chinese traditional products; modern packaging design; perfect combination

1 Definition of traditional and traditional products

“Traditional” mainly refers to the traditional culture of mankind. Traditional culture is the result of human civilization accumulated in various aspects such as production and life in the long historical period of mankind. It is also the result of the existing human wisdom. It is the foundation for future generations to inherit and develop their knowledge and skills."[1]

Different regions or countries have different traditional cultures. For example, the traditional culture of the coastal areas and the traditional culture of the inland areas cannot be exactly the same, and there will be even greater differences. The traditional cultures of the East and West, the South and the North will also have a greater difference.

There will also be cultural differences between different eras. The new culture that has evolved or emerged on the basis of inheriting the predecessors has become a new tradition over time. Take the evolution of the Chinese language as an example. Compared with hieroglyphs, Jin Wen and Shi Guwen were new words that were generated on the basis of inherited hieroglyphs. However, relative to Daxie and Xiao Biao, they were Has become a traditional text form. By analogy, Lishu and Shushu were also popular new writing forms in the Han and Tang dynasties. However, for modern times, they have also become part of traditional forms of writing. They are one of the main contents of traditional Chinese culture. .

Different nationalities or ethnic groups also have different traditional cultures. This can be seen from the different costumes of different nationalities in our country and the traditional culture of marriage and funerals.

The most important point is that excellent traditional culture is the lifeline of a nation. China is an ancient civilized country with a history of 6,000 years. In that long history, the Chinese nation has accumulated excellent traditional cultural heritage that is both thick and broad, and profound, and is an inexhaustible cultural treasure for our descendants. We can only inherit and carry forward the excellent traditional culture of the Chinese nation, and at the same time, we must absorb the nutrition and essence of foreign culture so that we can establish ourselves in the world of nations.

"Traditional products" is also an important part of traditional culture. It mainly refers to local characteristics (such as Wuxi clay figurines, oil gluten and sauce ribs and other foods; Suzhou pine nuts sugar, brine sweat dried bean curd food, Suzhou embroidery, sandalwood fan crafts, etc.; party flag hemp cake, radish; Yixing teapots, salted ducks and ducks in Nanjing; Xuan paper and ink in Anhui, and kites in Weifang, Shandong; kites in Weifang, Shandong Province, etc.), ethnic characteristics (such as halal foods for ethnic groups, Tibetan waist knives, buttered tea, etc.; Guangxi Zhuang people's hydrangea crafts; Guizhou batik and wood carving mask crafts, etc.), Times features (having a long history such as Zhenjiang's vinegar, Danyang's sealed vat wine, Zhangzhou's Laojiao wine, Guizhou's Maotai, Lanling wine, Dukang wine, etc. Of course, local characteristics and times are generally closely linked. Products that are not available in other places, ethnic groups, or in different eras.

Knowing the definition of "tradition" and "traditional products", we must give the connotation of traditional product spirit from "tradition".

Therefore, traditional product packaging in the design of creativity, should be a variety of ways or methods to fully reflect the characteristics of traditional products, use packaging to more fully convey the geographical, national and timely information, reflect the packaging of cultural connotation and artistic conception. Conversely, the packaging of traditional products will certainly reflect the traditional cultural information of the products and products, which reflects the traditional style.

2 Traditionally used cultural elements of traditional products

The packaging of a good traditional product is to attract people with traditional cultural material with a high cultural taste and a high degree of aesthetic sense. After careful design, it is designed to convey product information to consumers and promote sales. The creative "vocabulary" of consumer services. To design such a "vocabulary", it is necessary to fully exploit the traditional cultural elements associated with the traditional product as a packaged object to carry out creative ideas. The traditional cultural elements referred to here refer to the specific forms of traditional culture, such as traditional Chinese calligraphy (a variety of styles including calligraphy, cursive, official script, and regular script); Chinese paintings (different styles of brushwork, freehand brushwork, and ink paintings); New Year Pictures (such as Tianjin Yangliu Youth Paintings, Suzhou Taohuawu New Year Paintings, etc.); prints; sculptures (wood carvings, bamboo carvings, brick carvings, tile carvings, jade carvings, etc.); paper-cut arts of different styles; lacquer paintings, lacquer paintings; batik, tie-dyeing Art; Embroidery and more. We can generally consider the selection of traditional cultural elements from the following three aspects.

2.1 Considered from the use of packaging materials

In ancient times, the materials used for packaging were very limited, mainly using natural natural objects such as bamboo, wood, rattan, hemp, shells, gourds, coriander, reed leaves, and so on. Therefore, we can use natural materials to design and produce packaging with the original concept and local characteristics.

2.2 Considering the shape and structure of the package

In the form and structure of packaging, we can draw lessons from the traditional construction, transportation, furniture, daily necessities, entertainment products, stationery, sporting goods, religion, and other articles that have artistic value and appreciation value, and are more suitable for the packaged objects or Packaged objects have more closely linked feature features. The design should pay attention to the beauty, uniqueness, exquisiteness, scientific structure and firmness of the structure.

2.3 Consider the form of decoration

Apply a variety of related traditional visual art form graphics, such as Chinese calligraphy, Chinese painting, sculpture, paper cutting, embroidery and other arts and crafts such as drama, costume, masks and props, weapons, construction, furniture, daily necessities, textile printing and dyeing and other items. Pattern patterns and colors, as well as illustrations, book publishing, binding formats, etc., of content scenes in classical texts, folk traditions, mythological stories, etc., as long as they are closely related to the contents being packaged and are used properly, Can be used as a form of decoration for traditional products.

3 The traditional product design should take into account the current sense of the times

Traditional product design should also take into account traditional styles and current times. The era in which we are today has entered the era of highly-developed microelectronics and high-capacity information technology. Many things and things that we thought were impossible in the past have become a reality in modern times, especially since China adopted a policy of reform and opening up to the outside world. Many advanced cultures and technologies in the world have been introduced into China and gradually used by China and China. The outstanding traditional cultures of the nation have been merged together and gradually formed the cultural conditions in this new period of our country. This is the inevitable result of history. The ideological consciousness for seeking new and beautiful ideas is shared by mankind, and it has thus been able to promote the continuous progress of society. Only in line with the pulse and rhythm of the times, innovation, traditional style packaging design will have infinite vitality and new artistic conception, in order to be accepted by contemporary people.

To reflect the current sense of the times, you can generally consider from the following aspects:

3.1 Considering the design of the composition and graphics

Different from the traditional compositional forms, such as balanced, scattered and interspersed styles with concentrated corners, splitting styles, dense contrasts, and inspirational moods, etc., with a modern style of composition, can be more clearly presented to consumers. To convey today's sense of the times.

3.2 Considered from the layout of the design

Use more modern text formatting, such as Qibian, Qi axis, oblique row, grass row, multi-row grass row, image, insert, step, gradual, cross-style layout , can reflect today's sense of the times.

3.3 Considering the design of the font

The text on the packaging can use modern fonts, such as New Songs, New Hessian, Comprehensive Body, Amber Body, New Wei Body, and various variant art characters designed by oneself. You can also use various fonts in foreign language or Pinyin. To reflect today’s modernity.

3.4 Considering the structure and shape of the packaging

The structure of the package can adopt modern structures such as portable, sister, display, modular, rotary, easy-open, analog, heterogeneous, and pop-POP.

3.5 Considering the Use of Performance Techniques

Such techniques as color or black-and-white photography using various performance techniques, high-tech computer production, and imitation of natural forms can easily reflect today’s modernity.

"Package design has its own unique form of art. It conveys product information to consumers through visual communication elements. This information reflects the basic conditions and characteristics of the product. However, for modern packaging, it is necessary to give the spirit of packaging. Reflecting the designer's thinking and the expressed design culture and design style, it is necessary to have a highly uniform appearance and connotation, while for traditional packaging, traditional art provides a broad stage for designers and many excellent packaging designs. After many years of work, the work is still remembered by people. The main reason is that designers have grasped the emotional needs of consumers."[2] In the process of analyzing traditional product packaging creativity, it is not only the designer's own artistic accomplishment. The request also requires designers to care for consumers, care about society, and care about the evolution of trends in international design trends. Only in this way can we design works with certain creativity and influence to visualize and popularize traditional arts. To the effect of assimilation, achieve strong appeal effect and promotion effect. The rational use of traditional culture is a creative channel, but it is not the only one. The packaging design itself requires the designer to use graphics, text, color and layout in a comprehensive manner on the packaging screen to make it logical and display function. , and can make people stoop to think. Therefore, no matter what form of creative or design channel is used, it must be combined with the ethnic culture and arts; it should be combined with human emotions and hearts, communicate with the market, and communicate with the consumer culture.

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Major description:
1. Cloth ordering: in modern society, there is a clear division of labor, and manufacturers have their own responsibilities for the manufacturing of cloth and the production of doll products. Production problems tend to occur in non-factory processes. For this reason, it is particularly important for us to control the quality of materials. We strictly select several fixed material cooperative factories, which not only ensure the richness of material color, but also control the stability of material quality.
2. Making knife mold: the time required for making the knife mold of plush dolls is short, and it only takes a few hours from the start of making to the official use of the knife mold. Come on! Low price! Fashion! It has become an important factor for most companies to choose plush dolls as promotional gifts, conference gifts and event souvenirs.
3. Fabric opening: there are four ways to open the plush doll: punching machine, laser, electric shearing, and thermal shearing. Punch material opening needs to unfold the whole roll of cloth lamination first. The more layers there are, the lower the material opening cost will be. In the industry, generally, the 28 to 33 layers shall prevail. The factory will be subject to the 28 floor, in each process in strict accordance with the standard implementation to ensure the large cargo and sample effect of the anastomosis.
4. Electric embroidery and silk-screen printing: electric embroidery and silk-screen printing are the main presentation forms of logo or pattern on the customized figures; Silk-screen printing is a printing process, most of the cases are not necessarily electric embroidery looks high-grade. However, electrical embroidery cannot completely replace silk screen printing. For example, small and complex patterns or logo electrical embroidery cannot be realized. Only silk screen printing can show fine and clear patterns. For example, some parts of the requirements to make patterns at the same time to avoid the hardening of the parts affect the appearance (electrical embroidery will lead to the hardening of the parts), then also need to choose the process of electrical embroidery to show the logo or pattern. Of course, we don't have to worry about which process to choose to show our logo. We will provide professional solutions according to the actual situation.
5. Stitching and cutting: stitching is a process of stitching all cut pieces together, which is one of the most important processes in all processes. Whether the sewing process is strictly in accordance with the standardization will directly affect the smoothness of the appearance of the doll; Our factory has established strict sewing standards. A. Sewing seam 45 mm, uniform stop, needle spacing 12 inches. B. Fine needle with 11# needle and 402 fine thread. C. All point positions and bone positions must be aligned and shall not be exploded.
6, rolling cotton: cotton seems to be a simple process, in fact, is a very important process; Indeed, it is very easy to learn cotton, a new master as long as five minutes can learn to cotton. But it's not easy to do the simple job of making cotton well. Cotton is not only to cotton into the doll's shell inside, cotton also needs to be flushed evenly, to ensure that the finished product is a round full appearance. Simple things can be repeated to become an expert, to become a cotton expert needs at least three years to accumulate; And I plant all the cotton puncher is more than five or six years of experts.
7, sewing manual: sewing, manual, is the final process of plush toys finished products; Each doll in the cutting stitching stage will leave a position without stitching, the position is commonly known as leather or cotton left mouth position, as the name suggests is reserved for leather and cotton. And this position can only wait until the cotton is finished after the manual suture.
8. Product quality inspection: the product quality inspection is the last quality control link. After the product passes the quality inspection, it becomes the final product to be delivered to the customer. As a product quality inspector, I need not only the carefulness to find out product defects comprehensively, and the technology to repair defects, but more importantly, a sense of responsibility and a mindset that customers will not be satisfied if I am not satisfied.

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