Faults and countermeasures of manual screen printing in PCB screen printing

1) Before the screen printing, the nature of the printed board material should be further understood and confirmed.

2) Check the screen carefully before screen printing.

3) After the screen printing is completed, the screen plate must be cleaned with a solvent and no printed material can be left. Otherwise, it will cause plugging.

4) Do not use resin tape to stick to the screen when it is a last resort, because sticking with a resin tape will cause the screen to shrink, resulting in errors in the size of the pattern.

5) If it is necessary to stick the tape, try not to stick the tape near the figure. If the tape is placed too close to the picture, it is easy to produce spots when screen printing.

6) In the process of screen printing, it is necessary to pay attention to the change of the state of the printed material. If foreign matter is mixed into the printed material, the foreign matter should be removed before printing.

7) The scraper is easily affected by the solvent, so after the screen printing, the scraper must be cleaned. In addition, it is better to use several scrapers for rotation. This can not only prolong its service life, but also have a comparative advantage. Good screen printing.

8) During screen printing, carefully inspect the squeegee. If the squeegee has wear or gaps, grind the squeegee.

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