Development of Paper Plastic Film Coating Adhesive

【 Record Number 】 309091
[Record Type] Abstract [Restricted Use] Domestic [project year number] 0400530111
【 Achievements 】 Development of paper and plastic photosensitive coating adhesive 【 Provinces and cities 】 Hunan
【Category】 TS802.6
【 Key words 】 Post Finishing Additives, Paper Varnish, UV Paper Varnish, UV Curing Coatings
Paper-based photosensitive coating adhesive, also known as UV paper coating, is an energy-saving and environmentally friendly UV-curable coating on paper, and has a broad market. It consists of photosensitive resins, reactive monomers, photoinitiators and additives. Widely used in the trademark, color advertising, books and magazines, carton boxes and other printing and packaging products after the printed decoration. The paper-based photo-sensitive film coating adhesive developed by the project is reasonable in formulation, low in cost, and glazing effect is remarkable. The technical indicators are excellent, and the achievements are in domestic advanced level; the developed silicone modified photosensitizer can effectively promote the UV curing of coatings. The rate, at the same time with defoaming and leveling performance, set a variety of additives in one, with important technological innovation. The main technical indicators are as follows: Coating Appearance: colorless, light yellow transparent liquid; Viscosity: ≥ 40 seconds (Coated 4# cup, 21°C); Solid content: ≥97%; Curing speed: ≥ 30m/min; Coating film 60° ; Gloss: ≥95%; Coating hardness: ≥2H; Film resistance to salt water: 96 hours without blistering, no shedding; Appearance: smooth and smooth; Storage stability: 60°C, 7 days or room temperature 6 months No caking.
[Product Category] Application Technology [Level of Achievement] Domestic Advanced

Reproduced from: China Pulp and Paper Network

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