Evaluation: Nuok Pudi SY3405 luminaire group illuminates the health and beauty of life

In home life, a light fitting suitable for home decoration style and reflecting the fashionable personality is very important. The classic-style Chinese chandelier is bright and neat, and the bright light sense gives a warm and pleasant atmosphere. The European classic style chandelier is inspired by the way people used to light candlesticks in ancient times. It only changed the candles into light bulbs, but the light bulbs and lamp holders still look like candles and candlesticks. These two kinds of lighting are very popular in contemporary home decoration. Today's Soufun.com assessors are evaluating a centralized and elegant European-style lighting-Knock Pudi SY3405 lighting group.

Evaluation time February 11, 2010 Evaluation location Shanghai Home Furnishing Jiajia Boutique City Evaluation brand Nokpudi Lighting Lighting (Nokpudi Indoor Lighting Lunopudi Lighting Lighting Price Nokopudi Lighting Lighting Review) Evaluation Product Nok Pudi SY3405 lamp set Product specifications Multi-head chandelier Main material Metal material Product price 15285 yuan Evaluation project Modeling Practicality Consultation Telephone 021-61873354

Product first impression

This product is simple and stylish. The combination of metallic silver and dark green lampshade exudes a vitality. The spherical metal lampshade design reflects a strong sense of design and fashion. Suitable for young white-collar workers 25 to 35 years old who pursue individuality and fashion.

Stylish appearance and beautiful appearance

The simple and elegant appearance of this lighting is not only different from the Baroque lavish luxury, but also different from the British complexity, but it is derived from the American classic of Mediterranean style, which brings a vivid color to the home life.

The materials are environmentally friendly and safe

This lamp uses environmentally friendly paint imported from the United States, which meets the strictest environmental protection requirements of California, so it is beautiful and healthy.

High-quality oil color processing, rich three-dimensional level

The surface of the lamps and lanterns is treated with oil paint, which is a relatively expensive oil painting material, for surface treatment. Compared with ordinary paint, oil paint can paint a more three-dimensional and richer surface. Therefore, such lamps will be more expressive.

Handmade, exquisite

This lighting is handcrafted. Due to the difficulty of traditional manual operation, it must be completed by a manual master more than 5 years. The production process is made by pure hand, reflecting the texture of the product. Multi-layer elbows are adopted, and the structure is rich in layers. Multi-layer soldering process, smooth and smooth interface requires superb soldering technology.

Product passed durability test

The lamps and lanterns passed strict phosphating anti-rust pre-treatment process before leaving the factory; fog salt test and UV resistance test, all indicators have quite good results. There is a quite intimate guarantee in quality.

Soft light, warm and comfortable

The soft glowing yellow halo lights make the whole lamp bring out the feeling of a warm and comfortable home. When tired, make a cup of coffee under such a lamp, chat with your loved ones, or just sit quiet It ’s a good treat.

Various styles and wide application

This lamp has a whole series of choices, suitable for many places such as rooms, living rooms, dining rooms, etc. It is intimate and convenient to choose, and it is a more humanized design.

Nuoke Pudi's other products

Evaluation summary:

When there is no light at home, it is clear that a beautiful and comfortable lamp has an important role in creating a warm and stylish home environment. This lighting decoration of Nook Pudi caters to such needs. It is beautiful, stylish and warm and practical. Good combination, but due to the larger lamps, families with smaller homes may have to bear the pain.


The choice of lamps and lanterns is first of all safety. When choosing lamps and lanterns, you must not blindly want to be cheap, but you must first look at its quality and check whether the warranty certificate and certificate are complete. Sometimes the most expensive is not necessarily the best, but too cheap is definitely not good.

Secondly, we must pay attention to the consistency of style in the choice of lighting. The colors, shapes, and styles of lamps must be commensurate with the style of interior decoration and furniture, and echo each other. The flashy lighting not only does not add icing on the cake, but adds a lot to it.

Before buying lighting, it is best to understand the development trend of modern lighting, so as to avoid the doom of newly bought lighting. In addition, from the perspective of power saving, more energy-saving light sources can be installed.

Careful inspection is required when buying lamps.

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