TOTO electric hot water induction faucet DLER416

Product specification

Model: DLER416

Name of commodity: Electric hot water induction faucet

Dimensions: reference drawing

Power supply: 220v (50Hz)

Whether constant temperature: yes

Water inlet requirement: 0.07MPa (dynamic pressure) ~ 0.75MPa (static pressure)

Sensing distance: 130-200mm

Drainage accessories: not configured

Remarks: SMA constant temperature

With sensor faucet DLE116A

Water heater with electrical appliance REAH03A2C

Excluding the functional department, the drainage accessories need to be separately


(A) The product is small and compact, only A4 paper size, can meet the installation requirements of narrow spaces

(2) There is a water temperature adjustment handle, which can adjust the temperature of the water according to the seasonal temperature.

(3) Equipped with power saving function, the heating temperature can be automatically set according to the daily use frequency.

(4) The construction is simple and convenient, without hot water piping

(5) Equipped with safety devices such as temperature fuses, bimetallic strips, etc., as well as protection against extended burning

Drawing download

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