Little i robot: an intelligent robot with brain function

Open MSN and share your joys and sorrows with it; go to Vanke to shop and ask for prices; send text messages to 10086, it can help you answer questions, handle business; turn on the TV and tell it what programs you like to watch; driving Car, tell it directly where you want to go; for the air conditioner, you can tell it to adjust the temperature ... And it is the world's leading provider of intelligent robot technology and platform operators-small i robot.

Little i robot-beyond Siri

With the large-scale sales of the iPhone4S in the Chinese market, the new Siri function of the iPhone4S has also been popular. Simply put, Siri = voice + smart robot, where voice technology is from a third party, accounting for about 20%; smart robot technology accounts for 80%, and the functions of these two parts are like human ears and brain.

The small i robot is an intelligent robot with brain functions. It started its own research and development of semantic analysis technology and intelligent human-computer interaction technology in the Chinese field as early as Apple Siri. As the earliest high-tech enterprise engaged in the development of intelligent robot technology in China, the i robot has achieved technological and product innovation in the past decade Nearly 50 independent intellectual property rights and patented technologies.

Small i robot-widely used

At present, the products and technologies of Xiaoi robots have been widely recognized in traditional manufacturing industries such as automobiles, home appliances, home appliances, toys, and vehicles, which also provides directions and guidelines for the intelligent development of traditional enterprises. In addition, Xiaoi has also been successfully applied in many fields such as telecom operators, financial services, e-government and e-commerce, and has occupied more than 90% of the market share.

Take "Xi" as the world's first Chinese-language intelligent customer service robot launched by the Shanghai Science and Technology Commission-"Mr. Hyde" as an example. It can provide 24-hour real-time service throughout the year, standardized and concise reply language, and 100% reply Accuracy, enthusiastic and proactive service, etc. This has enabled the Shanghai Science and Technology Commission to change from "government information online" to "government service online".

In addition to a serious business question and answer, the Xiaoi robot is also quite interesting in life. Lenovo Smart TV, which has a built-in intelligent voice interaction system provided by the small i robot, can help users easily realize video on demand, open local applications, and query information through natural voice. In addition, in the smart home laboratory established in cooperation with Haier, when the temperature of the air conditioner needs to be adjusted, when the air conditioner mode needs to be alternated, or when the air conditioner needs to be turned off or on, there is no need for manual operation, which can be achieved through a handheld terminal. The same is true of indoor lights and curtains.

Little i robot-no limit in the future

Xiaoi robot not only performs well in smart customer service, smart TV, smart home, etc., but also has a forward-looking market forecast in the field of smart phone voice robots. According to related technical personnel: "At present, the Xiaoi phone intelligent voice robot has entered the laboratory stage. In the future, we will continue to use customer service applications as the basis and continue to extend to other fields."

The author also believes that with the rapid development of information technology, artificial intelligence, as a core technology in intelligent voice services, will be continuously expanded on the basis of the application of intelligent customer service. For now, as a representative of omni-channel and multi-field intelligent robots, Xiaoi Robot has forward-looking control and intelligent control and answer of questions in various fields on the basis of possessing and mastering the core technology of intelligent robots. It is foreseen that the future of the i robot will be unlimited.

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