Middle-aged women: eye makeup should be light

The passage of time is the enemy with the most looks. When people are old, the skin begins to dim and wrinkles grow. A light makeup can increase confidence.

Middle-aged women: eye makeup should be light

The makeup of middle-aged and old women is light and elegant, reflecting the sense of softness, dignity and kindness. Pay attention to the color density, multi-selective, soft tones, and try to reduce the amount of cosmetics on the face. Generally divided into 5 steps: foundation, eye shadow, thrush, brush blush, lipstick.

The foundation is suitable for natural color and liquid, and should not be too thick or thick, otherwise it will make the folds more obvious and more aging. If there are spots on the skin, cover it with concealer for topical treatment. Because most of the women's skin at this age is slack, a little shadow on both sides of the cheek can lift the skin. Then use a large brush to evenly spread the translucent powder over the entire face, neck, ears and other parts.

Middle-aged and older women have thicker eyelids and extra caution on eye makeup. Dark matt, low-purity, low-light color should be chosen, and a small area should be applied to the upper eyelid folds. Women of this age will have drooping eyelids and eyelids will not be seen. They may stick with double eyelids and lift loose eyelids. The lower eyelid can not draw the eyeliner. This way the eyes will look soft, natural and full of look.

The shape of the eyebrows should be natural, not too heavy, too picky, too thick. If it falls off, use a gray eyebrow pencil to fill one by one, and then use the eyebrow powder to brush the eyebrow shape. Due to age, the eyebrows will sag somewhat, and eyebrows should be raised slightly to the drooping eyebrows.

Blush, lipstick, and the effect of "finishing the eye" is an important part of makeup. You can choose soft neutral colors, such as blush red, light brown red, pink meat and other blush, which can not only modify the contour, but also make the complexion ruddy.

The lipstick is suitable for natural meat red, brown red, purple red and low-light orange. The lips of middle-aged and old people are not full when they are young, and they tend to overflow when applying lipstick. It is best to use a lip liner to outline the richness and then apply lipstick. >>> Facial massage brightens ruddy

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