American country style bedroom wardrobe confirms the match between red and black classic unbeaten

[ Zhonghua Wardrobe ] The Princeton series bedroom furniture in the neighboring villages strives to present the authentic American country furniture to the public. It does not show off, is not ostentatious, and has a simple and unobtrusive appearance. It is characterized by introverted personality and rich color matching. In Zhuang Zhongzhong, there is a bit of vitality. The furniture of the neighboring village carries the yearning for nature, the love of life and the tireless pursuit of the cause. Let's take a quick look at the American country style!

Priest series bedroom furniture adjacent to the village

Bedroom furniture: bed, bedside table, wardrobe , bed box

Furniture specifications: 1630*2050*1330mm (bed); 920*480*470mm (bed box); 580*420*660mm (bedside table) 800*580*1800 (closet)

Reference price: 7999 yuan / piece (bed); 4999 yuan / piece (bed box); 2299 yuan / piece (bedside table) details in-store consultation

American country furniture

Edit Comment: This bedroom once again confirmed to us that red and black are unbeaten classics. The bed is black, the bed and the bedside table are red, and the white bedding is a bit of the two colors, so that the eyes will not feel tired.

Bedroom wardrobe

Adjacent to the village Prinz wardrobe

Wardrobe shopping guide

Next to the country's Princeton drawers

American country furniture

Bed Tail: This retro red bed trunk reminds Xiaobian of two similar boxes at home, which is the dowry of Xiaobian's mother. Although the bed box is not as big as the TV cabinet, it just echoes the high back bed, and the height and low level increase the layering of the bedroom space.

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