Drupa 2008: Sappi launches with latest product

Sappi is the world's leading manufacturer of coated papers, exhibiting the latest innovations in the Print City Alliance at Drupa Hall 6 and its world-renowned high-quality coated paper and cardboard.

Sappi's stylish and ultra-modern high-tech booth (Hall B6 in Hall 6) was specially built to attract visitors. Highlighting the company's new products, such as fast-drying Tempo silk paper, and the growing popularity of Algro design packaging cardboard series, it is the smoothest, whitest paperboard on the market. At the same time, it also displayed different grades of printed paper from Europe, North America and South Africa, as well as Life with Print, Ideas That Matter, and also provided information services for viewers.

Peter Tielemans, sales communications and business development manager at Sappi Coated Paper (Europe), said: “Our slogan at Drupa is that as the world’s leading paper company, Sappi promises to help the entire value chain of the communications industry. Good coatings and specialty papers, and related services and solutions to create real value for our users.At the same time, we are also one of the leading manufacturers in the industry to meet environmental protection. Our booth shows our confidence in the printing industry. ”

Sappi participated in the exhibition as one of more than 30 exhibitors of Drupa as a member of the Printing City. The cross-industry alliance of Printing City led the cooperation among manufacturers and brought together the expertise of more than 40 printing companies worldwide. The projects became the foundation of the "capacity center", which focused on the hot topics related to the printing, packaging and publishing industries.

Tielemans said: “Sappi has become a trend indicator for trend development. As one of the paper suppliers that promotes and focuses on making print capabilities important in various media, we have invested a lot of resources for research. The spread of printing has made it an attractive medium, and at the same time it has also demonstrated that the paper and printing industry must make efforts for the future. At drupa, we actively participate in various activities in the printing city, and in Print+ X plays an important role in the research project. We also participate in the Print4Life lounge where customers, manufacturers, designers and advertising agencies can discuss new printing opportunities together."

Value-added UV printing (Hall 6, Hall D28)

UV printing and glazing are core technologies for value-added printing. Technology and materials can increase product differentiation. As a member of the Printing City Packaging, Commercial Printing and Sheetfed Printing Activity Group, Sappi is the lead producer of the Best Practices Guide for Printing City's Optimized Sheet-fed UB Printing and Coating. This guide guarantees maximum The printing quality and productivity. The updated guide focuses on the strategic and economical advantages of the UV process, focusing on the cost of UV printing, the selection of UV processes, equipment and consumables, and best practices for UV printing.

Print Fusion Electronics (Hall 6, Hall C48)

Printing and electronic technologies have been fighting side by side in the media portfolio for many years. The next phase of development is to integrate these technologies into new devices, combining their best attributes. Innovative applications include smart packaging, RFID, smart inks in printed publications, and interactive communication links, such as those printed on Sappi's poster paper.

Print+X project

This is a collaboration between Printing City and fmp (Fachverband Medien Produktioner) on the ability and benefits of value-added printing. For this testing process, three virtual brands of lifestyle products and electronics were specifically designed. These value-added printing options were evaluated by expert teams from multiple universities. Print+X manufacturers, advertising agents and printer managers displayed at Drupa to find a road show of research results and sample materials used.

Print4Life Lounge (Hall 6, Hall C46)

Although Drupa focuses on technology, equipment, and materials, manufacturers, designers, and customers still want to understand printing uses and methods of use. The Print4Life Lounge offers such opportunities for printing companies and their suppliers such as Sappi. This lounge is dedicated to exchanging views on how printing can be added, and new samples of newspapers, packaging and commercial printing are available for everyone to browse.

Tielemans said: “Publishers, printers, and major brand owners increasingly regard Sappi as a trend indicator for development trends, focusing on the company’s innovative products for print distribution, and the role of printing in the dynamic propagation world. We hope that drupa will meet their needs."

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