Kolumb Outdoor Team Reelected the Sixth National Mountain Outdoor Games

From April 13 to April 15, the 2012 National Mountain Outdoor Sports Championships, jointly organized by Mountaineering Management Center of the State Sports General Administration, Zhejiang Provincial Sports Bureau and Wenzhou Municipal People's Government, was staged for the first time in Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province. After three days of intense competition, Kolumb ( Gruyn ) outdoor team took the lead in three consecutive days of the absolute advantage of the first sprint in 25 professional outdoor team won the sixth consecutive win the championship!

哥仑步 - Kolumb

2012 National Mountain Outdoor Championships is the first major event since the beginning of the year, each participating team attaches great importance. Three days before the start of the competition, the Kolumb outdoor team came to the race to start the adaptive training and was well prepared for the race. Team strength has attracted many outstanding outdoor athletes to join this year's team is one of the strongest in history. In the face of strong opponents such as China University of Geosciences (Beijing) outdoor team, the Kolumb team won the first day of the race and was even more vulnerable in the second day. Yong, the yellow collar shirt to wear all the way to the championship podium.


"Today's races are particularly exciting in the last drifting season and not so exciting elsewhere in the race." Volubis Zuma exclaimed outside Kolumb's outdoor team the following day.

"The waterfall is comfortable and the mountain bike ride was very hot and it was cool to get down from the waterfall!" Batman, who is also a Kolumb outdoor team, said he enjoyed the game Meaning.

Rafting, waterfalls, these breathtaking games for outsiders, are exciting and comfortable for the Kolumb team. Their love of the game so that they become a forward courageous soldiers, seeking challenges, the perfect life. The game brought them the joy of outdoor sports, which belongs to the athletes only. The meaning of this happiness has even exceeded the joy of winning.


As the top event of outdoor mountain sports in China, the competition attracted 125 athletes and coaches from 25 professional outdoor sports teams in Wenzhou, and started the tour in Wen Ruitang River, Sanyo Wetland, Dayuoshan, Zeya and other areas A three-day competition, the entire 140 km, set cross-country run, mountaineering, mountain bike / racing turn, mountain bike, sentinel crossing, canoeing, ropes cross-country skills and other 10 competitions, 19 teams to complete the final game.

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