Jordan T shirt wholesale


New garment factory in Shenzhen are now facing the majority of our customers low-cost Direct Giordano T -shirt , the full range (lapel men and women, round neck, V- neckline are) , Qi Qi code, all single packaging (tag), suitable for major cities (Shopping malls, supermarkets, shops engage in promotional activities, Fairs, night markets, pedestrian street beach, OEM production, build clothing, uniforms and so on. Diverse styles , the price is cheap , all the quality assurance of non-defective clothing (quality problems Baohuan), short-sleeved 9-13 yuan from the grant, long sleeves 11-14 grant, a large price better, the real wholesalers in the production Manufacturers . Tel: 15016721506 QQ : 1535344958 Website: http://

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