What are the advantages of Mengtian wooden door?

Mengtian wooden door tells you what is really a good wooden door. First-class quality, long history, advanced production technology, consumer reputation ... These are the reasons why you choose Mengtian wooden door . So how about joining Mengtianmumen ? What are the advantages of Mengtian wooden door ? Let's take a look below.

1. Capacity Guarantee of Extra Large Production Base

Mengtian has two international advanced production bases, covering a total area of ​​more than 500 acres, making Mengtian a large modern wooden door enterprise. Mengtian's two advanced production bases have formed an annual output of 2.1 million sets of solid wood composite doors. The large-scale production system supports the huge production and sales system with a total annual production value of more than 570 million yuan and an annual export value of more than 60 million US dollars.

2. Equipment and management system guarantee product quality

Mengtian introduced nearly 500 million yuan, introduced more than 1,000 first-class production equipment at home and abroad, including Germany, the Netherlands, and Taiwan. Veneer UV automatic line, hot press, curved surface press, CNC punching machine, four-sided planer, paint grinder, self-developed UV automatic line, etc. The most perfect automatic wooden door production line in China.

Mengtian has 3600 elite technical employees, covering R & D, design, technology, production, management, materials and other wooden door circulation fields, giving Mengtian the most powerful human resources, so that Mengtian can continue to maintain the leading position of Chinese wooden doors.

3. Integrated advertising to ensure brand voice

On the basis of the existing brands with "high visibility, high recognition, high reputation, high influence, and high association", in order to achieve a further upgrade of the brand image, quickly seize the consumer's mental resources, dream days spare no expense, Relentlessly increase media investment. In 2014, CCTV invested 150 million yuan in advertising annually, 100 million in local advertising, and 50 million yuan in advertising support. It fully covered outdoor media, newspaper media, TV media, terminal stores, event promotion, Internet, etc. The communication channels of major brands have unparalleled influence in the industry, which is unmatched in the industry.

Fourth, the three major logistics centers ensure efficient services

Mengtian has three major logistics bases to ensure timely, fast and efficient service.

Yongkang: Mengtian builds its own logistics center in Yongkang, with a perfect logistics system to ensure fast and orderly delivery of goods;

Jiashan: Relying on Jiashan production base, saving transit time and ensuring high efficiency and speed;

Beijing: It has its own transfer warehouse, with a warehouse area of ​​580 square meters, complete supporting facilities, and a superior transportation location;

5. The wooden door price system meets consumer demand

Through careful market research, Mengtian is guided by the ideal of "making wooden doors of international quality affordable for Chinese housing users". Based on the purchasing power of wooden doors in China, it accurately targets the target consumer groups and sets from 2000-20000 yuan / set The unequal wooden door price system meets the consumption demands of different levels and different desires.

6. Wooden doors and overall home integration products

According to the differences in consumer needs and aesthetics, Mengtian concentrated its strengths on the development of a series of wooden doors with obvious differentiation. The wooden doors were divided into three series: composite doors, solid wood doors, and full wooden doors. Coordination and unification of color, design and construction, Mengtian wooden doors also derived high-value derivatives such as wall panels, pillars, cabinets, ceilings, etc., allowing customers to realize the advantages of overall home integration and obtain high-quality integrated home configurations.

Through comprehensive and systematic solutions to continuously enhance the market influence and competitiveness of the Mengtian brand, Mengtian minimizes the agency risk of franchising partners. Here, let your dreams come true!

How about joining Mengtianmumen ? What are the advantages of Mengtian Wooden Door ? We are here for everyone. I hope the above information will help you. If you have any questions, please leave a message at the bottom of the page, we will answer you as soon as possible. Thank you for your support of this website, and related articles are published one after another, please continue to check.

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