Trendy furniture, the United States and the Korean drama goddess steals the mirror

With the continual introduction of Korean dramas in overseas theaters, Korean actresses with angel faces have become more and more dream lovers of countless otaku. In front of today's TV screen, catching up with Korean dramas is no longer a female patent. The romantic and magnificent fairy tale of Korean drama is fascinating, and the fashionable furniture that is frequently seen in the drama has won the attention of countless fashionistas.

A careful audience may find that there are many familiar scenes in the Korean drama that came in the hit. Of course, I am not referring to a familiar face, but the furniture--the trend of Korean fashion furniture brand. Is such a similar content really just a coincidence? The following small series will hold a magnifying glass to capture some of the common home furnishings in the popular Korean drama.

Emergency men and women

The conscientious goddess exudes intellectual beauty, and the simple style of the Suviny London bookshelf and the Klissian seat cushions add a touch of simplicity to the neat study.

Miss Korea

The pure Nordic-style Retrero series, from design charm to form, meets all functional needs and emotional desires in an all-round way. It is not only difficult for South Korean ladies to resist, but also the European-looking white-collar workers who love European and American styles.

Pretty Man

The beautiful is not only the beautiful figure in the play, but also the warm natural color and intimate layering design of the Crisp Bedroom series.

"future choice"

Even if you squat in bed in the indecent posture and read into the night, with the hair of the bird's nest and the panda's eyes falling asleep, you can't deny the improved bedroom quality of the combination of Suwen Nilun and the Retro series.

Medical Team

Colorful candy colors, in line with the warmth of the goddess bedroom, of course, also need the macarons kid's embarrassing smile as a bedside embellishment.

"Please answer 1994"

Forever fashion is to grasp the classics and stand at the peak of the trend. The understated low-key of Retro is the best interpretation of this focus.

"Wang Family"

The charm of the macaron family is to always keep your innocence for you. In the face of such a cute smile, you have a girl's heart, do you really want to reject it? Bring it home, it's on the shelf in Suffolk London!

"Mrs. Your Lady"

The beauty of harmony is always inadvertent, such as the goddess's slight dagger, and the elegant color room created by the silent coffee series.

"Twenty years old"

I have to admit that the goddess who uses the Klissbench desk reveals a literary fan.

"Three Married Women"

Even if it is such a sloppy woman, if you know how to use the finest furniture to dress up the most private home space, it is still a modern goddess with unique meaning!

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