The easiest way to check the quality of your cabinet

Look at the sheet metal processing first. If the sheet is unqualified or the equipment is not fine, the edge phenomenon will occur. In the future, the glue opening phenomenon will occur soon.

Look at the edge seal, the end face of the plate should be edged. Professional manufacturers use special machinery to seal the edges. The manual edge sealing treatment of the general workshop small factory is relatively rough.

Check the movable hardware components such as drawers and door fans. The switch should be flexible, noise-free, and have anti-collision or self-closing function. It can check whether the hardware accessories selected for the product meet the standard. The cabinets designed and manufactured by professional manufacturers should have a mountain connection between the cabinets, and the overall firmness is good. The bottom of the cabinet is equipped with horizontal adjustment feet, which can adjust the level of the cabinet and have waterproof function. An integrated mobile skirting board should be provided to facilitate the cleaning of the bottom of the cabinet.

In addition, the door fan is equipped with a damper to eliminate the noise. The drain plate under the basin cabinet, the front of the platform, the water storage ditch, and the dark drain ditch will play a decisive role in the service life of the product.

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