Some personal opinions about Buffy's laundry detergent

Buffy Laundry Liquid is a pioneer in the timely entry of Zhongshan Meiri Jiebao into the laundry liquid market. The company has perfect channels, and the daily operation of the terminal is good. The timing of the entry is also well controlled, but the performance of the laundry liquid products in the KA store is not satisfactory. . According to my personal views and opinions, it is mainly affected by the following factors.

First, blindly choose the spokesperson

Buffy's laundry liquid chooses the Olympic girl Lin Miao as a spokesperson, a beautiful red dress, a charming face, seems beautiful, and I don't know if it is a very irrational choice. The choice of the company's spokesperson must be related to the brand personality, the brand manager must know which type of consumer preferences to cater to. Only in this way can the multiplication effect be produced, otherwise the brand will be diluted. I don't know if their staff members have investigated the reputation of Lin Miaoke. Ask the aunts and grandmothers that they don't like this little girl. If you do an investigation, I can be sure that in this group, I like this woman. The reason why children do not exceed 20%, the reason is not to say that Lin Miao can have anything wrong, but people's psychology. Lin Miaoke became popular with the Olympics, and also relied on the packaging director of the great director Zhang Yimou, who was suddenly dragged to a height, even though she was not aware of it. Moreover, the Olympic singer is a household name, no matter how much she has a relationship with her, but in the minds of people, she is a girl who loves the limelight and is not cute enough. The traces of adulthood are too heavy, especially the most valuable childlike manifestation is not obvious enough. I believe that the mainstream consumer group will not have too much affection for this brand. The company chooses a spokesperson to have a long-term vision. Lin Miaoke is a child star after all. The future development is too unpredictable. If she can't continue to be popular or healthy, there is no way to bring appreciation to the brand. Packaging and quality appeals like Buffy (from the Malaysian royal family) are better than asking a foreign model to make an advertisement several times stronger.

Second, the most essential appeal from the laundry liquid

Buffy laundry detergent emphasizes the addition of natural palm oil, highlighting the feeling of soft care, and such functions and advantages are a very emotional appeal, and can not give consumers a clear guide, perhaps think the picture is good, or think that the packaging industry can However, the real terminal to purchase, the lack of guidance on the product benefits is reflected, people buy laundry detergent is decontaminated, and soft can only make people feel clouded, illusory. The terminal language of the promotion shopping guide also seems to be insufficient, and naturally it is impossible to achieve a breakthrough.

Third, the packaging is beautiful, not practical

Artistic packaging does not necessarily lead to sales growth, packaging must be suitable for the channel and quickly accepted by the public. Laundry liquid is not a high-end product in the future, it is a laundry product. It is necessary to highlight his "reality, affordability, and practicality", and then work harder with modeling. And Buffy's packaging is not conducive to the display on the shelves, nor can it give the people a sense of benefits. The newly-listed Tide Laundry Liquid can be seen. P&G has not pursued a distinctive style, but still uses the label design of the familiar Tide Washing Powder, which is simple and clear.

Fourth, no preparation for terminal promotion

In today's laundry liquid market, Welch and the Blue Moon are two cents in the world, killing each other, although the terminal's shopping guides continue to show diminishing marginal effects, but still catching up. In this case, Buffy was forced to carry out some terminal promotions and hawking. However, due to the price and the various factors mentioned above, the effect is not obvious. Moreover, the promotion team is still not professional enough, without effective training, and gradually succumbs under the strong firepower of the competitors.

But after the Buffy laundry liquid is famous, the short-term loss is not terrible. As long as it is adjusted in time, the original vision can be realized. First, you can try to change the advertising theme screen to make the laundry liquid closer to the consumer. The original barcode can be more suitable for sales channels, such as boutique chain stores and cosmetics chain stores. The hypermarket adds new packaging and moves closer to the public's washing products without affecting the overall VI. Functional appeals should also re-emphasize decontamination and softness as an added value and a special advantage. Terminal shopping guides are rebuilt and intensively trained, not to compete with competitors and find a marketing method that suits them.

The above is just my immature view and I would like to discuss with you.

Tao Haixiang, MBA of Southwestern University of Finance and Economics, national senior enterprise trainer, years of experience in sales management of well-known enterprises, is committed to the field of consumer goods market development, dealer management and other areas of learning and research, welcome interactive discussion. Email >>:

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