Single spindle magnetic speed regulating winder

The single spindle magnetic speed regulating winder belongs to a plastic flat wire winding device. The main technical feature is that a magnetic adjustable plate is installed between the active magnetic disk and the driven magnetic disk, and the magnetic adjustable magnetic plate is installed on the axial end of the tension shaft. The active disk includes a base aluminum disk, a magnet disk, and an aluminum disk. A magnet disk and an aluminum disk are stacked and fixed on a base aluminum disk. The driven disk includes a magnetic disk, a pure iron disk, and a magnet. A pure iron disk and a magnet are superimposedly fixed and installed on the disk. On the magnetic base plate, the magnetic base plate is matched with the shaft end of the wire collection mechanism and has a gland fastening connection. The winding machine can change the winding axis with the magnetic flux cutting line to adjust the tension of the winding wire, so that the tension of the winding wire is balanced and accurate, and the reaction is sensitive, thereby improving the quality of the flat wire spindle and designing the structure. simple.

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