Shenluda bathroom Shenluda shower shopping guide

The shower must be indispensable in bathroom decoration. It is also indispensable in sanitary ware. At present, among the many shower brands, which one is good, durable and inexpensive? Today we will take a detailed look at Shenluda shower and see what it is like?

Shenluda Group Co., Ltd. is located in Ying'an, the hometown of Zheng Chenggong, Yingdu, the town of China's plumbing valve production base. "Selected as China's top ten sanitary ware brands in 2013 by China Ceramic Sanitary Ware Brand Network". The company has a history of more than 30 years in the production of sanitary ware. It has a garden-like plant of more than 40,000 square meters, with an annual output of 10 million sets of sanitary products. The product's market share in the country and the overall strength of the company are firmly in the forefront of the domestic industry. At present, the large-scale sanitary ware manufacturers with high professional level are the designated management enterprises of sanitary ware accessories production of the Building Materials Bureau of the Ministry of Construction.

Shenluda showers have passed strict audit standards in quality, and each product has passed the national standard test. In design, the Shenluda shower makes the operation simpler and more comfortable.

The main body of Shenluda shower is made of high-quality copper material, with multi-layer surface electroplating, with elegant quality. The imported ceramic valve core is used inside. After the surface is finely polished and polished, the gloss of the surface layer is twice that of the ordinary faucet, ensuring long-lasting like new. 5 years of quality assurance, let consumers use it with confidence.

Adopt precision imported ceramic valve core, with diamond-like hardness, high quality ceramic valve core, comfortable and light feel, the switch that withstands more than 500,000 times can still operate smoothly and effortlessly, durable and no water leakage. No maintenance, no wear and aging resistance. Suitable for hard water, not affected by crushed stones or sand.

The surface of Shenluda shower is treated with advanced electroplating technology. After multiple plating of acid copper, nickel and chromium, the electroplating layer has good combination, fine adhesion, uniform color and excellent corrosion resistance, ensuring the product surface is bright and bright, and lasts forever;

The main body of the faucet is made of high-quality 62 fine copper ingots. It adopts the most advanced gravity casting process in the world and is manufactured by precision machining. It is natural and durable. Comply with national GB / T176 lead standard, no harm to human health, protect you and your family from using products without harmful metal elements.

Shenluda shower has excellent overall workmanship and functional design more humane, which perfectly reflects the workmanship quality of bathroom benchmark manufacturers. However, compared with other brands of the same quality, Shenluda shower price is still slightly higher, which is also a lack of beauty. local.

After reading the above introduction, do you know more about Shenluda shower ? Hope to help your decoration and purchase.

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