Qingdao conducts rice quality survey to formulate heavy metal testing program

Although judging from the previous sampling inspections, Qingdao has not found rice with excessive cadmium, but will still increase the detection of heavy metals such as cadmium in rice. On February 16, the reporter learned from the Qingdao Grain and Oil Quality Testing Center that the center has now formulated a rice heavy metal testing program, and will conduct a wide range of rice quality census testing for the grain and oil wholesale market from now on.

The Qingdao Grain and Oil Quality Testing Center has four indicators for heavy metal testing in the grain and oil market: lead, cadmium, mercury and arsenic. According to national standards, the upper limit of cadmium content of rice and beans is 0.2 mg / kg, the upper limit of cadmium content of wheat flour is 0.1 mg / kg, and the previous test results are below 0.1 mg / kg. In addition, the upper limit of lead content in rice is 0.2 mg / kg; the most stringent mercury content requirement is 0.02 mg / kg; the upper limit of inorganic arsenic content is 0.15 mg / kg. From the statistical analysis of the sampling results, some rice can detect heavy metals, but the values ​​did not exceed the national standards, and Qingdao residents can eat with confidence.

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