Prepress production character image processing

There are various kinds of printing manuscripts, and the final effects to be achieved for each different manuscript are different. Therefore, in prepress processing, it is necessary to perform processing according to different requirements. Generally speaking, the original manuscript is accurate and natural, and the skin is delicate.

For people of different ages, the percentage of outlets is different. In general, children's skin is delicate and soft. When processing, the magenta and yellow plates should be more than 30% (more than 2/3 of the total skin area), and the percentages of the magenta and yellow plates should remain basically the same. In the same way, the cyan version should be controlled below 10%. As a hierarchical version, try not to have a black version (except black people and the dark side of backlighting and sidelights) so that children's skin color appears pink and looks delicate and healthy; The proportion of young people's skin in the general magenta and yellow version is less than 45% (more than 2/3 of the total skin area), the cyan version is under 15%, and the black version only appears in the dark. Don't appear in the midtones and highlights; older people have rough skin and dark skin. Therefore, care should be taken in the processing process to increase the percentage of colored dots, especially for cyan and black prints. It will be bigger, but the cyan version should be controlled below 30%. The black version should only appear in the middle and dark tone, and it should not be too high.

When dealing with human characters, there are certain differences between people of different skin colors. We will introduce them separately below.

Yellow race
The color of the yellow race is mainly yellow and magenta versions, and the yellow version is slightly higher than the magenta version. In the middle part, the magenta version must not exceed 10% of the yellow version, and the yellow version is better than the 10% of the magenta version. As well. The green version should be less than half of the magenta version, as a hierarchical version, and the black version should usually only appear in dark tone as the dark version of the skeleton version.

Black race
The skin color of the black race is mainly heavier than the cyan and black editions. The magenta and yellow editions are basically in balance, and the skin color is slightly reddish.

White race
The proportions of the white races in the magenta and yellow editions are basically the same. The cyan editions are the level editions. The black editions are the same as the yellow races and only appear in the shadows section.

The following table shows the percentage of all outlets in the midtones:


Yellow ethnicity 1545500

White ethnic 1545450

Black ethnicity 45505051

In the processing of character manuscripts, the normal manuscript under normal light, generally the area of ​​the magenta version of the percentage of dots above 50% can not be too large, otherwise the character will be reddish or dark, this part of the area should be reduced to the entire skin area 1/3 or less is appropriate. If it exceeds it, it needs to be brightened, except for special light-treated photos.

The handling of the sharpness of the character manuscript is also a key place. Different methods of manuscript processing are different. Generally speaking, this principle must be followed: When the sharpness processing is performed, in order to make the skin look fine and smooth, the granularity of the skin and the like cannot be enhanced; in order to make the character three-dimensional, it is necessary to sharpen the outline and important parts. In this way, if you are dealing with characters in PHOTOSHOP, you can give larger domain values ​​when you use USM sharpening. When the character has a flawed skin, you can make some softness adjustments to the skin. During the adjustment process, you need to pay attention to the level changes of the skin, so as to avoid sudden changes in the tone. In the process of scanning and image processing, the resolution and granularity of the different color versions of the character manuscripts should be separately processed so that good results can be achieved. The scores are clear and the levels are opened, which has a certain influence on the clarity of the image.

The character manuscripts are various. We only give a brief introduction to general manuscripts. There are many manuscripts such as: underexposure, overexposure, backlighting, sidelights, artistic effects, etc. Manuscripts should be processed according to the actual conditions of the manuscripts. This will not be described in detail here.

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