Preparation of samples for plastic heat aging test method

The heat aging test box is used for heat aging test of plastic materials (rubber, plastic) electrical insulation and other materials in scientific research units and factories. The GB/T7141-2008 standard is directed to the plastic heat aging test method, in which detailed requirements are made for the preparation of the sample.

1. The quantity and type of samples required shall be in accordance with the relevant national standards for the detection of specific properties, and shall be met at each selected cycle and temperature. At least three parallel samples of each material are exposed at each selected cycle and temperature, unless otherwise specified or agreed upon by all parties.

2. The thickness of the heat aging test chamber sample should be equivalent to, but not greater than, the minimum thickness in the intended application.

3. The sample should be prepared in the same way as in the intended application.

4. All test samples of a series of temperatures should be the same batch.


PP Woven Fiber Wrap Tape

PP fiber woven tape T 500

â… System description:
The XUNDA-T 500 series is cold applied tape for both metallic pipelines and waterproofing works against outdoor bad weathers .
The PP fiber woven tape shall be applied after the Liquid adhesive by hand or with a wrapping machine.


Pipelines protection

-Waterproofing membrane for basements,substructures and flat deck applications. plazas, bridge, vehicular traffic structures, or parking decks overlaid with an asphalt concrete wearing course.
-Tough, high performance waterproof membrane for critical substructures and civil engineering works.
-Provides a vapor and waterproof membrane to water excluding structures and protects concrete from attack by aggressive ground salts.
-Protection for wall ,floor, roof, corner, basement etc. to against from attack by bad weather, rain, acid alkaline salt

_ Weld joints
_ Bends
_ Fittings
_ Bare pipe lengths
_ Pipe rehab and repair
-Bare pipe length

Polypropylene Adhesive Tape, PP Mesh Tape, PP Film Bitumen Tape, Polypropylene Waterproof Tape

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